Vacant Land Service Charges

All property owners who have water and sewerage services available to them are required to pay a service availability charge, even on vacant land. Should you choose to build on your property and connect to our system, water usage charges will then apply.

Vacant Land

Why am I billed availability charges if I don't have a house on the property?

Shoalhaven Water owns and maintains over 2,400 kilometres of water and sewer pipelines, treatment plants, pumping stations, dams and other vital infrastructure. 

The administration, operating and maintenance costs for our systems continue whether a property is connected to our network or is yet to develop. It is necessary to charge all properties where the service is available a fixed component and this pricing methodology complies with the IPART Pricing Principles and the NSW Government Water Supply and Sewerage Pricing Guidelines. It also accords with Section 552 of the Local Government Act which can be viewed online here

The Act is so written noting that water and sewerage schemes are significant constructions, with costs that include pumping stations, land purchases, mains and treatment plants. It is not possible for a city to pay for the construction works whilst charging on the basis of individual property owner’s connection, when at a point in time they choose to utilise it.

What do I need to do to connect my property?

When you are ready to connect to our system you, your plumber, or your housing developer will need to apply for a connection. Fees and charges will apply. 

For more information follow this link to our Meter Installations page.