Understanding Your Account

The following information will help you understand how your water and sewer services are charged.

Your Water Account

Water Charges

Water Charges are made up of two components and they are indicated on page 2 or your Account:

  • Water Usage is a charge based on the amount of metered water used between each water meter reading period.
  • Water Availability is a charge issued to all residential properties and is based on a 20mm service. Larger meters may incur a higher charge. Properties with multiple meter service connections will pay a water availability charge for each connection.

Sewerage Charges

Sewerage availability charges are based on the proportional size of the water meter. Properties with multiple services will attract multiple charges which are indicated on page 2 of your Account.

Vacant Land Service Charges

Where access to water and/or sewerage services is available Water and Sewerage Availability Charges will be levied to property owners in accordance with Section 552 of the Local Government Act.

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What are Pro-rata usage charges?

For bills that fall over two financial years, the usage charges are 'pro-rated'. This involves using a customer's average daily water use to estimate how much water was used in each financial year and then applying the relevant rates to the usage used in each financial year. This is the fairest way of calculating charges as each property will have a full 365 days at each annual rate and water used in a particular year will be charged at that year's prices.

Authorised Account Representatives

Shoalhaven Water can only discuss the Water Account with the Property Owner. An owner may nominate someone else to have access to their Water Account, such as a Power of Attorney or a third party who can act on an owner’s behalf. Owners must provide this authority to us in writing prior to Shoalhaven Water releasing any account information. Contact us via email at water@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au

Deceased Estate

Due to privacy reasons, if you need to contact Shoalhaven Water to discuss a deceased estate or to advise us of the passing of one our customers we will require you to forward us a copy of the customer’s Death Certificate and Will that lists you as an Executor of the Estate. 

We don’t disconnect the services from the property, so water and sewerage services are always available.  Water accounts continue to be raised approximately every 90 days and remain in the deceased person’s name until the property is transferred to the Executor(s) or to the surviving owner(s).  Your solicitor will lodge the appropriate forms with the NSW Land Registry Services for you.