Payment Plans and Assistance

The provision of water is an essential service which is why we have a number of payment support options to help ensure that everyone has access to water.


Shoalhaven Water understands that customers may at times experience financial difficulty in paying their water accounts and therefore we offer a range of options for assistance including:

  • Payment Assistance Scheme 
  • Payment Arrangements 

Payment Assistance Scheme

If you’re facing financial difficulty you may be eligible for vouchers through the Payment Assistance Scheme. The scheme is available to customers who are responsible for paying for water usage charges and that can provide an original copy of a Shoalhaven Water Account.

Payment vouchers are equivalent to $25 and are issued for use towards the water usage component of your Water Account. This scheme is funded solely by Shoalhaven Water and is designed to assist customers in the short term only.

How do I apply for Payment Assistance?

Start by contacting one of the below listed Agencies. They will be able to assess the water usage component of your Water Account, and if eligible for assistance they will issue Water Vouchers. The Agencies can also help clients with budgeting where appropriate. 

Agencies include: 

  • All Saints Community Care - 4423 1099 
  • Lifeline South Coast Financial Counselling - 4421 5365 
  • Mission Australia Community Services - 4448 2000 
  • Family Services Nowra - 4421 5499
  • Family Services Ulladulla -  4455 5228
  • Salvation Army Nowra - 4423 2102 
  • Salvation Army Ulladulla - 4454 1538 
  • St Vincent De Paul Ulladulla - 4455 5666 
  • Waminda - 4421 7400

Payment Arrangements

If you are experiencing financial hardship or have found yourself with an outstanding amount owing on your Water Account, contact us to discuss your options. We are happy to provide advice and assistance to reduce water charges or with payment plans based on forecast of future charges.

Options include: 

  • Arrange to pay your account by instalments 
  • Request to defer your payment for a period of time 

Shoalhaven Water would like to ensure full water services are maintained. Agreeing on a solution, making regular payments and maintaining contact with us will prevent restriction of your water service and avoid additional costs to have normal flows restored.

What happens if I don't pay my bill?

If you're facing financial difficulty let us know, we are here to help.

Our normal process for managing an unpaid account is:

  • Water Account issued with 28-day payment terms
  • Reminder Notice issued
  • Overdue Notice issued
  • Impending Water Flow Restriction Advice provided
  • Flow Restrictor Installed or Legal Action commenced or both
Please note that interest will accrue daily on all overdue balances. 

What is Flow Restriction?

Water flow restriction involves significantly reducing the water supply to the property. A small amount of water is supplied for health and hygiene purposes. 

Avoiding Restriction

Shoalhaven Water will not instigate a water flow restriction to customer properties if;
  • A formal arrangement to a repayment plan is accepted, signed and the payments on the due date are made,
  • An accepted and active Centrepay arrangement (through Centrelink) is maintained,
  • An outstanding water account complaint with Shoalhaven Water or a complaint that is being investigated by the Energy and Water Ombudsman of NSW (EWON).

Restoring the water supply

If a property has been restricted, Shoalhaven Water will restore the water supply when;
  • The outstanding water charges are paid in full including the removal fee, or
  • The customer has agreed and signed an approved formal arrangement, payment extension or other form of assistance which has been approved, or
  • The customer has paid an agreed lump sum arrears of the outstanding balance and made an informal undertaking to pay the balance by instalment in a reasonable timeframe, or
  • Contact has revealed that the property is subject to a signed NSW Government Fair Trading “Standard form – Residential tenancy agreement” or similar eg Commercial Property Lease Agreement.

Got a complaint?

Shoalhaven Water is a member of EWON, the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW. EWON provides an independent way of resolving issues.

For more information visit or call them on 1800 246 545.