Apply for a Rainwater Tank Rebate

Shoalhaven Water offer customers who are connected to the town water supply a $500 rainwater tank rebate to newly purchased and installed tanks with a total capacity greater than 2000 litres.

Rainwater Tank

Customers who are required to install a rainwater tank to comply with a condition indicated on a BASIX Certificate, a Development Consent, or a Subdivision requirement are not eligible for a rainwater tank rebate.

Step One - Compliance

Before you apply for a rainwater tank rebate, you must submit a Compliance Checklist to Council to ensure the proposed tank location, height, labelling of outlets, and any associated pipework is in accordance with Council regulations.

You can find detailed information on Council's installation requirements in our Guide to Rainwater Tanks.

Connecting to Internal Plumbing

Tanks that have been connected to internal plumbing such as toilets or washing machines, must be inspected to ensure compliance with Plumbing and Drainage AS3500.

To book an inspection, contact Council's Development Services on:
  • Nowra Office (02) 4429 3211, or 
  • Ulladulla Office (02) 4429 8999.
Bookings must be made at least 24 hours before the inspection is required and any dogs on the property must be restrained. Inspection fees apply.

Rainwater tanks for garden use only, do not require inspections.

Step Two - Rebate

A rebate will only be issued if Council is satisfied the tank installation conditions have been met. On approval of your Compliance Checklist, you will be issue an approval Exemption Verification Number.

To apply for a rebate, you will require:
  • An Exemption Verification Number issued by Council, and
  • Electronic copy of your tank receipt.

Only one rebate will be issued per property. More information on the Rainwater Tank Rebate Program can be found in our Rainwater Tank Rebate Policy.

Need help?

For information relating to your Compliance Checklist, contact Shoalhaven City Council's Development Services Team on 1300 293 111; or for information relating to your Rainwater Tank Rebate, contact Shoalhaven Water on 02 4429 3214.