Undetected Water Leak Assistance

If you have experienced an undetected water leak on your property and have received an account with a substantial increase on the water usage component, you may be eligible to apply for a rebate on your Water Account.

Pipe Water Leak

Undetected leakage is defined as a leakage within pipelines which are undetected. Both the fault and/or the water loss could not have been reasonably detected by visible inspection prior to Shoalhaven Water issuing an account.

Qualifying Conditions

To qualify for a rebate, the leak must involve a significant leak where the water usage on the account issued immediately prior to the repairs being completed is more than $200 and 1.5 times greater than the previous five (5) periods. The leak must be repaired within 30 days of an account being issued or after the customer learnt of the leak’s existence.

The rebate only applies to the billing period for which the undetected leak commenced. It will be based on a 50% reduction in water usage based on the estimated volume of water lost, and equal to a 100% reduction in any applicable volumetric sewage or waste disposal charges associated with water lost. The rebate will be capped at $2,000.

The account holder is responsible for full payment of the account, by the due date.  Approved rebates will be applied as a credit towards the account. 


Claims will not be accepted which:

  • Involve leaks which could have been reasonably detected by visible inspection
  • Is the result of a second occurrence at the same property and by the same owner regardless of whether it is a related event or separate undetected leakage.
  • Involve faulty plumbing fixtures (e.g., appliances, pumps, hot water systems, pressure release or float valves, cattle troughs, solar panels or pool heaters, pool or pond lines, taps, toilet cisterns, sprinkler or irrigation systems)
  • Involve a leakage caused directly by way of accidental or wilful damage.
  • Do not contain the documentation or meet the terms of a complying claim.

Apply for assistance

To apply for assistance you will need the following documents in either PDF or JPG format:

  • A copy of the plumber's invoice/statement or a declaration by the plumber detailing the cause of the leak and confirmation of repair; or
  • In the case where a plumber was not employed, a statutory declaration by the owner indicating the cause of the leak and confirmation of the repair.

What if I don't meet the criteria but still need help?

Shoalhaven Water understands that customers may at times experience financial difficulty in paying their water accounts, if you are unable to pay the full account by the due date, please contact us to discuss payment options, or visit our page Need help paying your bill?

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1993, daily interest charges of 6% per annum will continue to be applied on any outstanding balance until paid in full.

Further Information

Further details can be found by following this link to our Undetected Leak Policy for Water, Sewer and Trade Waste Usage Charges.