Understanding your Water Service

It's important to understand what responsibilities you have as a property owner for your water and system. Responsibility for pipes and fixtures can be divided into everything up to and including the meter, and everything after it. 
This diagram shows where Shoalhaven Water’s responsibility ends and the homeowner’s begin.

Water Services

Who is responsible for the water meter?

Shoalhaven Water provide and maintain your water meter and will repair or replace it if a fault is detected. If you notice your meter is leaking, call us and we will come and repair it at no charge to you. 

If you damage or interfere with the meter, we may pass the repair charge onto you. Customers must ensure that we have access to read the meter, to ensure accurate accounts are provided.

Who looks after the pipes and fittings?

Shoalhaven Water is responsible for everything up to and including the water meter. All pipes, taps, drains and backflow prevention devices on your property that come from the water meter are your responsibility. 

What happens if illegal or unauthorised water services are found at the property?

If your water service is unauthorised, defective or has been illegally installed and we believe it could seriously affect our system we may ask you to fix the problem at your expense. If you do not fix the fault by the date we set, we may carry out the work and pass the cost on to you. 

Can I install a rainwater tank?

We encourage all customers to use water wisely by installing water efficient fixtures, appliances, and equipment. Rainwater tanks can provide another source of water for non-drinking purposes. To avoid contaminating the drinking water supply, you must not connect rainwater tanks to your water system without approval. 

Find out more by following the link to our Rainwater Tank information page.