Fire Services

Your obligations as a building owner may include a fire service to help prevent fires or minimalise the impact of fires. Fire safety measures must be maintained whether a building is occupied or vacant. 

Water Pressure Certificate

Have you been requested to have the water pressure tested for fire services?

Submit our online Water Pressure Certificate Request to have the water pressure tested for your fire service. In the request, you will be required to submit (in PDF or JPG format) a plan of the property showing the location of where the pressure information is required.  

Please allow up to 20 working days from the time of payment. 

Annual Fire Safety Statements

Annual Fire Safety Statements confirm the safety measures installed in a building are capable of performing to the required standard and that the building complies with Regulations in terms of fire prevention measures. 

What do I need to do for the Annual Fire Safety Statement?

For more information, follow the link to Shoalhaven City Council's - Annual Fire Safety Statement Program  or contact Council's Fire Safety Assistant on (02) 4429 3111.