Water hydrants

Water hydrants are access points to Council’s water mains. They are in place to allow Council, emergency services and authorised users to access our mains water supply.  

Relocating a water hydrant

Property owners, builders, or developers may require a water hydrant to be relocated due to works going on within the property.   

Hydrants can be moved to a different location along the water main, however generally they cannot be raised or lowered.    

Approved relocations are free of charge.  

What you need

To apply for a water hydrant relocation, you must provide: 

  1. A brief explanation of why the hydrant requires relocation; and
  2. A photograph of the existing water hydrant showing the current location in relation to the property. 

How to apply

To request a water hydrant relocation: 

  • Submit our online application. 
  • Attach a jpg image of the existing water hydrant clearly showing the current location in relation to the property.

What happens next

On receipt of your request to relocate a water hydrant, please be advised:  

  • Applications can take up to 5 business days to be processed.  
  • Works will take up to 20 business day from date of approval. 

More information

Other than Council employees or persons contracted to Council, no person is allowed to conduct work on Council owned infrastructure (including water hydrants).