Sewer Manholes

Sewer manholes are access points to Council’s sewer mains and are used to check the condition of sewers, clear blockages in sewer lines and provide access to investigate and rectify infiltration.

We conduct routine manhole inspections to ensure they:

  • are accessible and visible;
  • do not leak or have stormwater directed into them; and
  • do not contain tree roots or blockages.

If a manhole within your property is not accessible, Council may direct you to make it accessible or do work on your behalf. In some instances, excavation may be required. For example, if a garden bed has been built over the manhole, Council may direct the property owner to remove it to restore access.

Sewer manhole adjustments

Sewer Manhole Adjustment

Property owners, builders, or developers may require a manhole to be raised or lowered due to works going on within the property. 

Sewer manhole adjustments are subject to assessment and if approved, will be undertaken free of charge.

To apply for a manhole to be raised or lowered, you must provide:

  • A photograph of the existing manhole clearly showing the problem. 
  • Measurements of proposed adjustment. 

We will undertake the work within 20 business days from date of approval.

More information

Other than Council employees or persons contracted to Council, no person is allowed to conduct work on Council owned sewerage infrastructure (including sewer manholes).