Pressure Sewer Systems

Pressure sewer systems are not common across the city and are generally located in areas where a conventional gravity system is not a viable servicing option such as flat or rocky terrain.  

Pressure Sewer Unit

General Guide for Pressure Sewer System Installation

A development that has been identified as requiring a Pressure Sewer System will come to Shoalhaven Water through the Development Application process. The following steps will then follow:

Construction Certificate Approval – prior to issuing a construction certificate, Shoalhaven Water must approve a Service Location Plan. This applies to new installations, modifications, or relocation works. Incomplete plans will result in approval delays and potential re-submissions.

Payment of Invoice – on approval of application and service location plan, an invoice will be issued. This must be paid prior to installation commencing. 

Installation of Pressure Sewer System - the installation can take up to 8 weeks. Shoalhaven Water reserves the right to alter the position of the pressure sewer pump system and any components if necessary. 

After Installation - once installed, the pressure sewer unit and all relating components including the alarm/control panel, pumping unit and discharge pipe, are owned and maintained by Shoalhaven Water.

How do I apply for a Pressure Sewer System?

Before you can apply for a pressure sewer unit installation, you must have received a Water Development Notice. 

Once you have received a Water Development Notice, submit our online Pressure Sewer System Installation RequestMake sure you have:

  • Your Council Reference Number (DA/CD/SF) as shown on your Water Development Notice, and
  • Your Service Location Plan ready to attach as a jpg or pdf

To avoid processing delays, ensure you provide us accurate information.

What is a Service Location Plan?

This is an example of a Service Location Plan

PSU image for Website

A Service Location Plan must show us the proposed location and distances between the control panel and the pump unit, as well as the distance between the pump unit and the boundary kit. 

A guide for the location of your Pressure Sewer Unit (PSU) components

The PSU must:

  • be located so that the residence and any other building can fully drain by gravity to the unit.
  • be located no closer than 5 meters to the residence.
  • not be more than 10 meters from the alarm panel.
  • be in direct line of site from the alarm/control panel. Obstructions are NOT permitted between the unit and the control panel.

What happens after I submit the installation request?

On submission of an installation request, Shoalhaven Water will review your application, and if approved, will issue a payment advice (invoice).    

Once payment of invoice has been received, Shoalhaven Water will commence installation in accordance with the Service Location Plan supplied. 

Please be advised:

  • It can take up to 4 weeks from lodgement to payment advice being issued. 
  • Charges include the current market price of the required unit plus any additional costs for site works such as design, difficult terrain (i.e., rocky conditions) or any unexpected work.
  • On receipt of payment, we will forward you an email with a unique reference number which can be used to follow up work status. 
  • You must ensure site access is available for large machinery.
  • Installations or alterations can take up to 8 weeks to complete. 

Installation Responsibilities

Shoalhaven Water:

Shoalhaven Water will install the pressure sewer system including the functioning components, connect supply to the pumps and test electrical operation at completion of installation. 

The unit will be filled with water for a test run, using a generator if no power, and then left in normal operational mode. 

The Control Panel will be locked on completion, so the electrician may have to contact us before they install the final dedicated circuit. If the dedicated circuit is already in place, we will connect and test run using the house supply.

When this work is complete, we will notify the applicant to arrange the remainder of the electrical installation. 


It is the responsibility of the owner/builder to arrange for a qualified electrician to install a separate dedicated circuit (as specified below) from the electrical meter box to the location of the control panel. 

Once connected and operating, all power costs for the running of the pressure sewer unit are the responsibility of the property owner. 

System installation requirements for electricians:

Single Pump Unit (Simplex) – supply to be 240 volt from a dedicated circuit using a ‘D’ curve 20A circuit breaker, electrical conduit to control panel to be a minimum 25mm heavy-duty.

Dual Pump Unit (Duplex) - supply to be 240 volt from a dedicated circuit using a ‘D’ curve 32A circuit breaker, electrical conduit to control panel to be a minimum 50mm heavy-duty.

Control panel mounting location requirements:

  • Supply shall be taken to a point 150mm below the mounting location of the control panel and have at least 1 metre of cable left available for connection of panel.
  • The bottom of the panel must be 1200mm from ground level.
  • The panel must be mounted on wall, permanent structure or a minimum 200x100 galvanised post to a height of 1500 above ground level.
  • Panel mounting location is to be no further than 10 metres from the tank.
  • Control panel must be accessible for maintenance and repair work to be undertaken by Shoalhaven Water.