A Water Development Notice is issued for a Development Consent or a Complying Development Certificate where the development (existing or proposed) has an impact on our water supply and or sewerage system.

Development Application Approved

Shoalhaven Water’s Water Development Notice (referred to as a Notice and formally known as a Development Application Notice) outlines the conditions which the applicant or developer must satisfy in order to secure a Certificate of Compliance prior to obtaining an:

  • Occupation Certificate, or 
  • Subdivision Certificate, or 
  • Licence to operate the development.

How the Notice Works

The Notice is made up of different parts and will need to be submitted as the development progresses, generally the parts are: 

  • Prior to demolition,
  • Prior to issue of Construction Certificate,
  • Prior to commencement of construction works,
  • During construction of works,
  • Prior to “issue of Occupation Certificate” or “release of Subdivision Certificate” or “issue of licence to operate”. 

As you complete each condition you initial and date the ‘Applicant Certification’ column for each part. You must keep all relevant documentation together with the Notice, this may include:

  • Receipts of payments (eg, Section 64 Charges, contribution to meter fees, pressure sewer unit fees, building over sewer checking fee, etc),
  • Documents and infrastructure plans approved by Shoalhaven Water (eg, Pressure Sewer Site Plan, Water and/or Sewer Main Plans, etc),
  • Documents (eg, water meter sizing calculations, sewer sizing calculations, etc).

The relevant information must accompany the Notice when submitted for sign off by Shoalhaven Water.

When do I submit the Water Notice?

You must submit the Notice to Shoalhaven Water when:

  • A Construction Certificate or a Subdivision Works Certificate is required, 
  • The Notice specifies submitting, 
  • You require an Occupation Certificate, Subdivision Certificate, or a licence to operate the development (eg, caravan park). 

Prior to Issue:

Under the Prior to Issue headings of the Notice, Shoalhaven Water shall process conditions for the granting of a Construction Certificate or Subdivision Works Certificate and notify the authority issuing the Construction Certificate or Subdivision Works Certificate.

Under Section 307 of the Water Management Act 2000, Shoalhaven Water must grant Certificate of Compliance once it is satisfied that all requirements as listed on the Water Development Notice have been complied with.

Where the development is staged then a separate Certificate of Compliance shall be issued for each stage.

Certificate of Compliance

A person may make application for a Certificate of Compliance in relation to water supply and/or sewerage matters within a Water Supply Authority's (Utility) area. The water supply utility for the Shoalhaven Local Government Area is Shoalhaven Water.

To apply for a Certificate of Compliance please follow this link and lodge our online Certificate of Compliance Request.