A Water Development Notice (also known as a Notice of Requirements) is issued when a Development Consent or Complying Development has been submitted and the development, either existing or proposed, has an impact on Council’s water supply and or sewerage system.

Development Application Approved

Operating under the Water Management Act 2000 (NSW), Shoalhaven Water is responsible for ensuring any impacts on Council's water and sewer infrastructure are identified and either controlled or eliminated.  

What is a Water Development Notice?

The Water Development Notice (Section 306 Notification of Requirements) is a consent document that is prepared and issued by Shoalhaven Water under the NSW Water Management Act 2000 – Sect 306 . It outlines the conditions the applicant or developer must complete to secure a Certificate of Compliance prior to obtaining an Occupation Certificate or Subdivision Certificate as applicable.

As part of the assessment of a development, Shoalhaven Water must consider:

  • Hydraulic loading on the water supply and/or sewerage systems,
  • Section 64 Contributions to be levied (if any),
  • Augmentation of existing water supply and/or sewerage systems,
  • Development impacts on the water supply and/or sewerage systems (e.g. building over sewer),
  • Type of sewerage system to be implemented (gravity or pressure or both),
  • Design plans that may need to be submitted and the type (e.g., water main ext., sewer main ext., conduit crossings, new junction plan, meter servicing),
  • Possible impact with other services,
  • Meter servicing requirements,
  • Trade waste implications,
  • Backflow implications,
  • Easement requirements to protect existing and proposed infrastructure,
  • Any other matters that affect the water supply and/or sewerage systems or their normal operation or Shoalhaven Water’s ability to maintain the system/s.

Where required, an invoice will be issued to an applicant after a Water Development Notice is prepared. This must be paid prior to the Water Development Notice being issued to the applicant. Please refer to Certificate of Compliance fees.

Where a Water Development Notice is NOT prepared there is no fee charged to the applicant.   

How the Notice works

Shoalhaven Water’s Notice is made up of different sections which detail the relevant development requirements. 

The Shoalhaven Water Notice is divided into three sections: 

1. Application details showing the development proposal, applicant information and the location of the proposed development. 

2. The conditions imposed on the development. This is further split into various parts (examples include but are not limited to):

  • Prior to Demolition Works,
  • Prior to the Issue of a Construction Certificate,
  • Prior to Commencement of Works,
  • During Construction Works,
  • Prior to Issue of Occupation Certificate.

3. Advice to applicant and formal declaration of completion of all conditions and submission of all necessary documentation 

On review, Shoalhaven Water will either make the necessary changes to the Water Development Notice and issue an updated Notice; or request you lodge an application to amend your Development Consent. 

The application for Modification to your Notice can be made to: council@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au 

Accessing your Water Development Notice

Once Shoalhaven Water has prepared your Water Development Notice, you can download it from Shoalhaven City Council’s website. Follow this link to DA Tracking 

If your Water Development Notice is not on DA Tracking, please email us at: swdevelopment@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au    

Water Development Notice Sign-off

As you complete each condition on the Water Development Notice, initial and date the ‘Applicant Certification’ column for each part. By signing off a condition you are acknowledging that the condition has been complied with. The relevant supporting documentation must accompany the Water Development Notice when submitted for sign off by Shoalhaven Water. 

Supporting documentation may include:

  • Receipts of payments (e.g., Section 64 contribution charges, contribution to meter fees, pressure sewer unit fees, building over sewer checking fee),
  • Documents and infrastructure plans approved by Shoalhaven Water (e.g. Pressure Sewer Site Plan, Water and/or Sewer Main Plans),
  • Documents (e.g. water meter sizing calculations, sewer sizing calculations).

The Water Development Notice must be submitted to Shoalhaven Water when:

  • A Construction Certificate or a Subdivision Works Certificate is required, 
  • The Water Development Notice specifies submitting, 
  • You require an Occupation Certificate, Subdivision Certificate, or a licence to operate the development (e.g. caravan park).
Under the ‘Prior to Issue’ headings of the Water Development Notice, Shoalhaven Water shall process conditions for the granting of a Construction Certificate or Subdivision Works Certificate and notify the authority issuing the Construction Certificate or Subdivision Works Certificate.

Under Section 307 of the Water Management Act 2000, Shoalhaven Water must grant Certificate of Compliance once it is satisfied that all requirements as listed on the Water Development Notice have been complied with.

How do I submit the Water Notice for sign-off?

You can submit the Water Development Notice via swdevelopment@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au with the relevant documents or at Shoalhaven City Council’s reception desk. Please allow up to a week for processing. The Notice will be counter signed by a Shoalhaven Water Officer and returned via the applicant email address.

Types of Development Certificates

Types of certificates may include:

Construction Certificates – A Construction Certificate (CC) is a certificate that is issued by an accredited private certifier or a consent authority. The Certificate allows for building work to commence on your development.

Subdivision Works Certificates – A Subdivision works Certificate (SWC) is a certificate that is issued by an accredited private certifier or a consent authority. A Subdivision works Certificate is issued at the start of the construction process, prior to the commencement of any subdivision works.

Subdivision Certificates – A Subdivision Certificate is a certificate that is issued by an accredited private certifier or a consent authority. Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 subdivision is a form of development that requires approval. Approval is given in the form of a Subdivision Certificate.

Occupation Certificates – A Occupation Certificate (OC) is a certificate that is issued by an accredited private certifier or a consent authority. The Occupation Certificate authorises the occupation and use of a new building or part of a building.

Certificate of Compliance - A Compliance Certificate is a certificate that is issued by Shoalhaven Water and confirms that the completed building work complies with Shoalhaven Waters development and regulatory requirements.

Further Information

For further information on Planning & Building, visit the NSW Government Planning Portal

If you require information relating to your Shoalhaven Water Development Notice, call us on 02 4429 3214 or email swdevelopment@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au