Shoalhaven Water drawings and design specifications have been developed to ensure developer designs, construction of new infrastructure, or modifications to existing infrastructure are carried out to a high standard and are consistent throughout the Local Government Area. 


Water Services Association of Australia

Shoalhaven Water utilise specific documents prepared by Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA). Designers are required to purchase their own copy of the Codes and use Shoalhaven Water’s Supplement and Drawings in conjunction with the below mentioned Australian Codes.

Water – WSAA Water Supply Code of Australia – WSA 03-2011, 3rd Edition V3.1

Sewer - WSAA Sewerage Code of Australia - WSA 02-2002 Version 2.3

Work-as-Executed Plans

Work-as-executed plans are required to ensure that the actual location of an asset built is known and recorded. They must be prepared by a registered surveyor in accordance with Shoalhaven Water's Survey Plan Preparation & Work-as-Executed specification.

Capital Works

All contractors and consultants are required to design and/or execute works in accordance with Shoalhaven Water's standard drawings and specifications.