Shoalhaven Water will install metered and unmetered fire services for your property development. 

Fire Service

Fire Service Connections

Shoalhaven Water provide the following services:

  • Metered or unmetered fire services
  • Combination meter with fire service 
  • Manifold with bulk water meter and fire service


How do I apply for one of these services?

To apply for one of these services submit our online Connection, Manifold & Fire Service Request.  

When you submit a request, be prepared to attach supporting documentation including hydraulic plans and water sizing calculations (minimum A3) prepared by a qualified hydraulic engineer or plumber. Attachments can be submitted in either .jpg or .pdf format. 

Once the fire service has been installed, any internal plumbing works become the responsibility of the property owner. 

If the fire service also requires a water meter, applicable water and sewer availability charges will be applied to the property Water Account.

Information for designers:

Water Pressure Certificates – for Hydraulic Designers to assist in the appropriate design of fire-fighting systems to suit a development. The application is an on-line form and is a pre-paid service. Please allow up to 20 working days for the processing of your request.  

Standard Sizing Requirements – Shoalhaven Water have the following standard metered and unmetered service sizes including 25 , 32, 40 and 50. Sizes above 50 are considered non-standard and will need Shoalhaven Water approval and may be subject to other conditions before installation. determination may be required prior to installation including standard and non-standard sizes.

Fire Service Lines – Where the fire service lines to serve the development are greater in diameter than the water main diameter that the fire service line is connected to, then the water main shall be augmented to the same size or larger (as approved by us) at the developer’s full cost. The extent of the augmentation shall be determined by Shoalhaven Water.

Storage/BreakTanks  – Shoalhaven Water does not permit any water booster pumps to be directly connected to any water main. Where pumps are required (as nominated by the hydraulic engineer), the applicant must provide storage/break tank(s) for fire-fighting supply in accordance with AS2419 and AS3500.

Further Information