A Section 307 Certificate of Compliance confirms compliance with the Water Authorities requirements regarding new developments.

Development Application Approved

What is a Section 307 Certificate of Compliance?

Under Section 307 of the Water Management Act 2000, Shoalhaven Water will grant Certificate of Compliance once it is satisfied that all requirements as listed on the Water Development Notice have been complied with, including payment of any fees and charges.

Where the development has stages then a separate Certificate of Compliance shall be issued for each stage.

When do I Need a Certificate of Compliance?

Examples of development where this process is applicable include, but are not limited to, those that:

  • Increases to the load on the existing water and/or sewer supply system,
  • Requires extension of the existing systems or upgrades to existing infrastructures, such as dual or multi occupancy,
  • Change the use of the land and existing structures, and/or
  • Subdivide land.

How do I apply for a Certificate of Compliance?

A Certificate of Compliance should only be applied for upon request from Shoalhaven Water.

To apply for a Certificate of Compliance please follow this link and lodge our online Certificate of Compliance Request

Further Information

For further information on Planning & Building, visit the NSW Government Planning Portal

If you require information relating to your Shoalhaven Water Notice, call us on 02 4429 3214 or email swdevelopment@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au