Building on or Near our Assets

Shoalhaven Water has specific requirements when it comes to building over or near gravity sewer mains including unrestricted access to all manholes, junctions, lampholes and maintenance shafts.    

Building Extensions

Building over a water supply asset such as water service lines, water mains, fittings, or fixtures, or within the easement of a pressure sewer main, is NOT permitted. 

Where a development is proposed over or adjacent to a Council sewer main, approved building plans and development approval are required. 

Before you submit a proposal, please review our Building over Sewer Policy to find out what you require for your development to proceed. 

Building Approval Requirements

Development proposals must enable unrestricted access to all manholes, lampholes, maintenance shafts and junctions. Where applicable, concrete encasement of the sewer main will be required for the protection of the affected pipe and any associated infrastructure and this includes the relocation of any sewer asset, such as a sewer junction, due to the loss of access.

Please email your proposal to Shoalhaven Water and include the following information, submitted in PDF or JPG format:

  • Approved building plans and a site survey plan by a registered surveyor - all levels to Australian Height Datum (AHD).
  • Certified engineering plans indicating soil classification and type, and protection requirements of the sewer infrastructure and proposed/existing structure/s in accordance with Council’s Building over Sewer Policy.

Plan checking fees will be invoiced to the applicant on completion of the assessment. Invoice must be paid within 30 days or before the required inspection.  

All works relating directly to the sewer infrastructure, as specified in the Development Application Notice and Building over Sewer Approval are required to be carried out in the presence and to the satisfaction of Shoalhaven Water’s inspector.

Submit your proposal to

Book an Inspection

During construction, a development over or near our assets must be inspected. Click on the below link to arrange an inspection. 

When you lodge this request, please allow 2 working days for the inspection to take place. This gives us time to check our calendar and get back to you.

Contact Us

Shoalhaven Water’s Development Unit can be contacted on 02 4429 3547 or email