What is Water Night?

Do you have what it takes to survive on one bucket of water for the whole family, for a whole 12 hours? 

Water Night

What is Water Night?

Water Night is a challenge to not use taps, showers and running water from midday to midnight on Thursday 21st October. (Use of water for hand hygiene and religious reasons is exempt of course). We believe that if we all see how often we reach for our taps and how subconsciously we do it, we will have a whole new perspective on how we use and save water. 

Shoalhaven Water has teamed up with Smart Approved Watermark to encourage Australian households to be ‘water mindful’ and to be self-aware when reaching for the tap.   

Our core goal:
For every Australian, to see for themselves, just how often they reach for the taps, and use water each day.

We believe that if Australians are more conscious (mindful) of their tap use they will value tap water and want to use it more efficiently. 

Register here for Water Night

Sign up for Water Night by registering your details at www.waternight.com.au and you can be in the draw to win fabulous water saving prizes, including Bosch donated Dishwashers!

What resources are available for Water Night?

There is a range of resources available from Smart Approved Watermark, for you and your students or households to get the most out of Water Night, including:
  • Water Facts
  • Water Saving Actions for home and garden 
  • Kids Activities 
As using a bucket is a key element on Water Night, so there is also a bucket challenge where children can decorate the bucket they will be using on the night. This can be done in the classroom or at home.

For the Smart Approved Watermark resources, visit www.waternight.com.au

Team up with Tapstar

Prior to Water Night, we recommend watching the below short video Count on Water where your students can follow Tapstar as he counts how many times he uses water.

Then as a follow on exercise, teachers can download our resource support booklet which contains lesson plans developed using NESA resources - Using the Tap

More Fun Resources

Tapstar has also developed a fun short video explaining our where our water source comes from here in the Shoalhaven - click on the below link to Where Does Water Come From?

We have also developed resource booklets for Stages 2 & 3 using NESA core module teaching requirements.