National Water Week

Let's reimagine our water future together and raise awareness around the importance of water.

Mon 12 Oct 2020
National Water Week is just around the corner and together we can make a splash to raise awareness around the value of water. Access to clean water is essential to our daily lives and together we can protect our water environments and resources and use water wisely. 

The Australian Water Association (AWA) sets an annual theme to celebrate and raise awareness of this important resource, this year the theme is Reimagining our Water Future. We are reminded that as our population grows more stress is put on our water resources, and it is time to reimage a way we can use and reuse water to ensure there is enough of it in the future. 

Shoalhaven Water is doing just that. Our Reclaimed Water Management Scheme has reused approximately 28,000,000,000 litres (or 28 billion litres) of reclaimed water on local dairy farms and sporting facilities. 

Our Reclaimed Water

Shoalhaven Water’s Reclaimed Water Management Scheme (REMS) is one of the largest and more complex water recycling schemes undertaken by a regional water utility.