Danjera Dam Recreation Area – Reopening Soon

For the first time in a year, the Danjera Dam Recreation Area located at Yalwal, is being prepared to reopen to the public.

Thu 17 Dec 2020
Danjera Dam

Over the last month, Council has undertaken works to repair Yalwal Road and prepare the Danjera Dam Recreation Area to reopen to the public for day use.

Signage will be erected at various locations leading into and within the recreation area notifying users that the site is only open for day use and that camping is not allowed at any time.

Shoalhaven City Council Rangers will continue to patrol the area, penalties apply for those users not obeying the rules.

There are longer-term plans to re-establish camping and overnight access as part of a proposed redevelopment of the site.

To view the Planning Proposal, follow the links below.