Danjera Dam Campground Remains Closed

Enquiries continue regarding the re-opening of Danjera Dam, in particular day visits and the camping.

Thu 22 Oct 2020

The late July and August heavy rain events left roads throughout the area with extensive damage and although they have been repaired, the area remains closed due to bushfire damage, with a neighbouring property signalling safety concerns with boundary fencing. 

Opening the area for day trips is still not feasible as we have no system of monitoring who enters the site. COVID-19 (and our inability to monitor compliance with Health Orders) has played a role in our decision to keep the site closed. 

Shoalhaven City Council and the Department of Planning have recently approved a Planning Proposal to build a formal “primitive” campground and a DA has been lodged. 

A requirement of the campground proposal is to construct a refuge building as a “safe house” during bushfires as well as a manager’s residence. 

At the moment, we do not have the facilities that would comply with the requirements of the Planning Proposal, therefore placing a liability risk to Council. To view the Planning Proposal, follow the links below. 

Visitor Information

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