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General Information

Water and sewerage services play a large role in our homes both indoors and outside. In particular, quality water supplies are critical to good health and wellbeing so we have provided some information that will explain some of the key elements in the services to your home.

effluent pumpout truck Understanding your water can save you money & avoid costly repairs.

Water Quality

The taste and odour of water can vary from tap to tap and can be impacted by naturally occurring minerals, treatment processes and internal plumbing.

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Your Water Meter

There are several styles of water meters installed throughout the Shoalhaven but basically they all operate in the same manner.

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Boundary Risers & Yard Gullies

In the event your property experiences a blocked sewer this is generally first noticed by drains or toilets not clearing quickly or by an overflow in the yard gully. If this occurs contact Shoalhaven Water immediately.

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Water Discolouration

Shoalhaven Water regularly undertakes a scheduled program of water mains flushing (scouring) across the city. The program helps to remove sediment build-up that can accumulate normally within the water supply system.

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