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Rainwater Tank Rebates

One of the Shoalhaven’s most important water catchment areas is just above a residents head! During a heavy rain storm hundreds of litres of water can drain off an average roof.

rainwater tanks Rainwater tanks take the strain off town water

By installing a rainwater tank customers can capture and store this precious resource to help take the strain off our town water and save money on the water accounts.

Under current terms and conditions of Shoalhaven Water’s Rainwater Tank Rebate Program a rebate of $500 is available to customers connected to the water supply system who purchase and install a rainwater tank with a total capacity greater than 2000 litres. If the tank/s is connected to the toilet or washing machine the plumbing work must be inspected by one of Councils officers to receive the rebate.

How do I apply for a rebate?

1 - Submit to Shoalhaven Water the Compliance Checklist. The application will be assessed and approval will be given to go ahead and install the tank.

2 - Install the tank. If connecting a tank to internal plumbing inside the house it will be necessary to arrange an inspection of the new connection to ensure Plumbing and Drainage is in accordance with AS3500. Inspection fees apply.

3 - Download the Rebate Application and submit it to Shoalhaven Water – remember to attach a copy of the receipt of purchase to the application.