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Pensioner Rebates

From 1 July 2018 there will be a change to the rebate amounts for eligible pensioner accounts. The amount of the pensioner rebate will increase for the quarterly water and sewer availability charges. The increased pensioner rebate is being applied to offset the removal of the interest grace period.  
older couple Rebates are available to eligible pensioners

The current rebate for eligible pensioner customers is up to $87.50 for water services and $87.50 for sewer services. These rebates are jointly funded by the NSW Government and Council. The NSW Government determines the amount, eligibility and conditions under which they can be applied.

Council will however increase the rebates by $10.00 for water availability and $10.00 for sewer availability charges for pensioner accounts with 100% entitlement. These amounts will be rebated quarterly and shown separately on each water account.

Under the Local Government Act the $87.50 rebate can only be applied against 50% of a charge. For the rebate to be provided to eligible pensioners to the maximum amounts available, Shoalhaven Water has applied this component of the rebate quarterly to accounts in the components as follows;

This is how the pensioner rebate works for water:

  • NSW Government quarterly rebate amount ($21.88) paid towards the water component of the account is shared between water availability and water usage.
  • The additional $2.50 paid by Council will be applied fully against the availability charge.
  • Eligible pensioners might pay half of the quarterly Water Availability Charge and this is shown on each quarterly Water Account.
  • The balance of the rebate will be paid toward the water usage charge.

This is how the pensioner rebate works for sewer charges:

  • NSW Government quarterly rebate amount ($21.88) paid towards the sewer component of your account.
  • The additional $2.50 paid by Council will be applied fully toward the availability charge.

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