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If you have questions about managing your account, you may find the answer in our most common FAQs below.

girl watering garden If you have a question it may have been asked before.

Will I receive a water account, even if I don’t use very much water?

Yes, Shoalhaven Water customers will receive a water account even if they use very little water. You will receive a water account each quarter and on that account are fixed charges for water and sewerage availability as well as charges for any water that you have used.

Why am I being charged for water on my empty block of land?

All properties in the Shoalhaven that have water and sewerage available will be charged a fixed rate for this service regardless of whether you are connected. This ensures that services are maintained to a time a property owner connects or develops and then separately pays any additional components for actual usage.

I've lost my water account, can I get a copy?

Yes, Shoalhaven Water is able to reprint an exact replica of your water usage account, contact us and we can either email, post or fax you a copy. Consider using BPAY View or electronic accounts to ensure you always have a copy for your records. 

How often will I receive a water account?

Your water meter will be read and an account sent out every quarter at approximately 90 day cycles. This provides property owners with regular feedback on water usage and costs. Vacant land owners also receive an account quarterly.

How do I change my billing address?

Shoalhaven Water and Shoalhaven Council have one address database for both rates and water accounts so you only need to advise us once of a change of address. Follow this link to our online Change of Address for Rates & Water Request.

I’m a tenant in a rental property – what charges am I liable for?

What and how you pay will depend on the lease arrangements with your real estate agent or landlord. The lease arrangement will set out what your responsibilities and obligations are in respect of water, sewer and trade waste charges where applicable.  

How can I pay my water account?

There are several ways to pay your account, visit the Account Payment Options in the Your Home section of this website under Managing Your Account.

What if I’m not happy with a decision made by Shoalhaven Water?

Shoalhaven Water is a member of EWON, the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW. EWON provides an independent way of resolving issues. For more information visit or call them on 1800 246 545.

Is all water used charged at the same rate?

Each year from July 1, fees and charges for water usage are set by Council. Visit the current Fees and Charges section of Shoalhaven City Council’s website. Charges may vary from year to year.

What do I do if I detect a water leak on my property?

Contact a plumber to rectify the leak immediately and then Shoalhaven Water as we may be able to provide some financial assistance on your last account. For further information read our Undetected Leak Reduction Policy

What if I have higher than expected consumption?

It is unlikely for a water meter to over record the amount of water used. Water meters are tested before leaving the factory and are precision instruments approved to meet strict performance criteria.

If you feel that your water account is higher than normal this will usually be due to a change in consumption rather than due to a fault on the meter. For example:

  • Extra use of a hose or sprinkler will alter your water account considerably - using a hose for an hour is the equivalent to 3 days consumption for the average person.
  • A slow leak from toilet cisterns will use up significantly more water than usual.
  • Guests will use additional water.
  • Overflow pipes can waste a lot of water and it may not always be obvious
  • A single dripping tap can waste at least 1500 litres of water a year (one drip per second). Check your taps and make sure they are shut off securely, and change washers if necessary.

We would recommend that you check at least two years consumption to avoid any changes of use that are not related to a meter problem, such as higher use in summer. If you feel your consumption pattern has not changed and your water account is still high it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • If your last account water meter reading was slightly under that recorded upon the meter, the previous account would have been lower than the actual consumption. This would mean that your current account includes some of your consumption from your previous account period.

If after you have checked the information above and you still believe that your water meter is faulty, we can arrange for the meter to be independently tested by a Nationally Accredited Laboratory and the results sent to you. Charges will apply for having water meters tested, please contact Shoalhaven Water for more information.

How can I prevent water loss?

Water can pass through the water meter without customers knowing. This could be from an undetected water leak, faulty appliance or indeed someone using water on your property. Shoalhaven Water provides customers with a water meter cock on the water meter connection which enables customers to turn the water off to the property. It is recommended that water be turned off when the property owner is absent for a period of time or the property is not being used regularly. This will prevent unexpected water loss. Monitoring the use of water through the water meter on a regular basis is also strongly recommended.

For further information contact Shoalhaven Water on 02 4429 3214.

What is the debt recovery process?

The normal process for debt recovery of unpaid accounts is:

  • Water Account issued with 28 day payment terms
  • Reminder Notice issued
  • Overdue Notice issued
  • Impending Water Flow Restriction Advice provided
  • Flow Restrictor Installed or Legal Action commenced or both

To have a restrictor removed the full debt is required to be paid including a device removal fee.