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Your Water Account Explained

Your Water Account has been redesigned for simplicity, to make it easier to see the basic information and to pay. Customers have requested further enhancements and we have listened.

water bill closeup Your water bill will help you reduce your water usage.

The Water Account currently gives you information to plan ahead, manage and reduce your water usage.

  • Property Id (Please use this if you call us as it easily identifies your property)
  • BPay Biller Code and Ref (Use these for electronic payments. Note the Ref number differs to your Rate or any other Council Accounts)
  • Approximate date of the next meter reading
  • Meter reading dates and total days
  • Water, Sewer and Trade Charges
  • Sum total amount of any pension concession (includes both the NSW Government funded concession and the extra Council amount)

We also enclose with each Water Account a flyer that contains latest information about your Water Supply and Sewerage related services.

Account summary

water bill summary

A simplified and illustrative presentation of your Account. Includes the balance brought forward, new charges, amount and due date for payment.

Property details, reading period and next reading date

water bill summary

Here you will find your property identification information and for the purpose of water and sewerage services only, how we categorise your property. Note this category may differ to your rates which is based on land and not the purpose for which our services are used.

The supply period is shown and this is generally on a 90 day cycle.  The supply period may differ slightly each period and for more frequent billing requests. To assist customers with planning, the date of the next scheduled reading is also shown.

Average water usage

water bill summary

We’ve also provided a graphical illustration of the average volume of water used daily during the period of the account and comparison over the last 12 months.

Payment options

water bill summary

Shoalhaven Water offers a range of options to pay your water account. Please be aware that all payments will require the 8-digit reference number as indicated in the Payment Option section on your account.

Meter detail and reading

water bill summary

Water Accounts are issued within days following the reading of the Water Meter on your property. The reverse side of your account shows the details of the meter number, meter readings and the number of kilolitres used in the period.

Usage and availability charges

water bill summary

The reverse side of your account shows the breakdown of charges which are generally inclusive of water usage as well as water and sewer availability depending on the services available and charges applicable at your property. Some commercial and other properties may have sewer usage or trade charges.

Pension Concessions

water bill summary

As well as the NSW Government pension concession eligibility amount (partly funded by Council as a split of 45% and 55%), Council also provides an additional concession of $10 annually for water and $10 annually for sewer.  Previously, these concession amounts were shown individually across each charge.  To simplify how it is shown, a sum total amount is provided at the bottom of the back page of the account.  Customers that want to have a breakdown of this total can obtain the information by calling us direct.