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Pricing Information

The following information will help you understand how your water and sewer services are charged.

calculator Our pricing covers water, sewerage and effluent removal

Depending on the services that we supply to the property and its use, there are three main pricing areas for residential properties:

  • Water
  • Sewerage
  • Effluent/Septic Removal (for households that are not connected to sewer)

All Water Account charges (Water Availability, Water Usage and Sewerage Availability) are levied at the time of water meter readings in approximately 90 day cycles and are listed on the reverse side of your account.

Water Charges

Shoalhaven Water operates and maintains 3 Water Treatment Plants across the Shoalhaven. The costs to operate the water supply schemes are high and include pumping, treatment and distribution systems to ensure quality supply of this essential product to the community.

Water Charges are made up of two components:

  • Water Usage is a charge based on the amount of metered water used between each water meter reading period.
  • Water Availability is a charge issued to all residential properties and is based on a 20mm service. Larger meters may incur a higher charge. Properties with multiple meter service connections pay a Water Availability Charge for each connection.  

    Sewerage Charges

    Shoalhaven Water operates and maintains 13 Sewerage Treatment Plants across the Shoalhaven. The costs to operate these schemes are high but it means that our customers benefit from smooth-running and environmentally efficient systems.

    Sewerage Availability charges are based on the proportional size of the water meter and as with Water Charges residential properties are generally charged on a 20mm service.  Larger meters may incur a higher charge. Properties with multiple services will attract multiple charges.  

    Pro-rata Usage Charges

    The price of usage changes on 1 July every year. For bills that fall over two financial years, the usage charges are 'pro-rated'. This involves using a customer's average daily water use to estimate how much water was used in each financial year and then applying the relevant rates to the usage used in each financial year. This is the fairest way of calculating charges as each property will have a full 365 days at each annual rate and water used in a particular year will be charged at that year's prices. 

    Effluent Removal and Septic Tank Cleanout Charges

    Shoalhaven Water provides under a contract arrangement, an effluent pumpout and septic tank cleanout service to premises that are not connected to the mains sewerage system and have on-site collection or disposal systems. This arrangement provides surety that a cost effective service is available to property owners following a competitive tendering process. 

    Property owners are not obliged to avail themselves to this arrangement and can seek alternative commercial providers to satisfy property occupation conditions. Other providers outside of this arrangement may be located in the local Yellow Pages.

    Vacant Land Charges

    Where access to water and/or sewerage services is available Water and Sewerage Availability Charges will be levied to property owners in accordance with Section 552 of the Local Government Act.

    All charges are contained within the Shoalhaven City Council Fees and Charges documents found in our Additional Information section.