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Managing Your Account
Managing your Water Account

Your Water Account is designed to make it easier to see the basic information and it also gives you facts and figures that will help you manage and reduce your water usage.

woman doing washing Your water account makes it easy to see your water usage.

Having the charges for water supply and sewerage services on a single account is recommended by National and NSW Government pricing guidelines as it more easily allows customers to see the nett cost of providing the service.

Consistent with the other ‘utility’ providers where fixed and usage charges are combined to show the real cost of providing ‘utility’ services, your Water Account is issued at the time of our reading your water meter. This is generally done every 90 days to ensure that you have regular information about water consumption at the property. 

A recent water account transaction history can be requested at any time by customers and this will be provided in a spreadsheet format at no cost.

Updating Your Details

There are several reasons why you may need to update your details including:

Change your Postal Address - by changing your postal address, both your Water Account and your Rates Notice will be mailed to the new address. 

Electronic Water Account - receive and store your Water Accounts by email.

Change of Name - Unfortunately, we are unable to amend names on Water or Rates Notices as Council relies on notification of property ownership through the NSW Land Registry Services (formally Lands & Titles). If you have changed your name since you were recorded as an owner on a land title, you can apply to NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS) to have your new name registered on the title. You will need to supply NSW LRS evidence to support this claim.

Notice of Death - Should you find yourself in a situation where one of the property owners die, you may wish to remove this person from the property title. In this instance you will need to submit a Notice of Death to the NSW LRS who will notify Council in due course. It is recommended to also provide Council with a copy of the Death Certificate and an extract of their Will advising Executors of the Estate. 

For more information on these services, please follow the appropriate Related Link to the right. 

Payment Difficulties

If you are having trouble paying your water account contact us right away to discuss payment plan options. Residential customers may also be eligible to join the Payment Assistance Scheme.

Resolving Complaints

For dispute resolution relating to your Water Account please contact EWON directly. The Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW provides a free, fair and independent dispute resolution service for customers. For more information on this service call 1800 246 545 or click on the Related Link to your right.