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Effluent & Septic Tanks
About Effluent & Septic Tanks

Shoalhaven Water provides effluent pumpout and septic tank cleanout services to residential and commercial premises that are not connected to the mains sewerage system and have on-site collection or disposal systems. 

Emergency Pumpout Service 

Is your septic system full or at risk of overflowing? To avoid a dangerous overflow, call us to book an emergency pumpout service and it will be actioned within 24 hours. Please note: Additional fees apply.

  • Phone (24 hrs) - 02 4429 3214

Effluent Pumpout Service

An effluent pumpout is a service conducted to premises that have a contained collection system with the effluent removed from the collection tank on a systematic and regular cycle of service.

For background information to the effluent services which is provided by Shoalhaven Water under a contracted arrangement please see the Additional Information section of this web page. 

Request a septic tank pumpout change of frequency

Septic Tank Cleanout Service

A cleanout service to remove sludge build up is a service conducted on request. Symptoms such as pooling of water, slow drains, odours, sewer back-up may indicate it is time your system had a cleanout.

Request a septic tank cleanout