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Effluent & Septic Tanks
About Effluent & Septic Tanks

Shoalhaven Water provides effluent pumpout and septic tank cleanout services to residential and commercial premises that are not connected to the mains sewerage system and have on-site collection or disposal systems. 

septic tank Septic tanks need regular cleanouts.

Emergency Pumpout Service 

  • Work Hours - 02 4429 3214
  • Weekends - 4443 4535

An emergency pumpout will incur an additional fee payable along with the standard fees applicable to the service requested. 

Effluent Pumpout Service

An effluent pumpout is a service conducted to premises that have a contained collection system with the effluent removed from the collection tank on a systematic and regular cycle of service.

Septic Tank Cleanout Service

On-site Sewerage Management Systems have the potential to release dangerous levels of sewerage pollution into the environment that can cause contamination of water, which can lead to disease and environmental degradation.

A cleanout is a service conducted on request.

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