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Water Discolouration

Water discolouration can occur for various reasons with the most common cause being a disturbance of natural sediment build-up within the mains.

effluent pumpout truck Your water may become discoloured from time to time.

Disturbances can occur for a number of reasons including an accidental break in the main, or during times of high-volume water usage, especially overbusy holiday periods when our population increases considerably.

To help maintain our systems, Shoalhaven Water regularly undertakes a scheduled program of water mains flushing across the city. This can also be known as scouring. The program helps to remove sediment build-up that can accumulate normally within the water supply system.

Shoalhaven Water will notify residents prior to any planned scouring occurring. If you experience discoloured water after the scheduled clean, try running the outside tap for 1-5 minutes until the water clears.

How are the mains flushed?

The flushing process consists of cleaning or ‘scouring’ the interior of water distribution mains by sending a rapid flow of water through the mains. By flushing the water under higher release pressure through the mains, the build-up of sediment will be dislodged.

Some slight discolouration of the water supply may occur after mains flushing in the immediate area but this will quickly disperse after running a tap for a short period of time.

Water quality issues should be reported immediately - please call 02 4429 3214.