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Standpipe Hire
Standpipe Hire

Shoalhaven Water hires metered standpipes to customers who wish to extract water from Shoalhaven Water's water main for use on development sites, water cartage, road works, landscaping and wherever access to water is limited.

water standpipe Businesses can hire standpipes for developments or roadworks.

All standpipes in our area of operations must be metered and hired from us. Customers are required to enter into an agreement with Shoalhaven Water for their use.  There are 25mm and 65mm standpipes available on a quarterly basis.

When hiring a standpipe from Shoalhaven Water the hirer agrees to abide with the AS3500 requirements of the NSW Code of Practice Plumbing and Drainage which ensures no form of cross connection or contamination can occur to the Shoalhaven potable water supply.

Standpipe Hire Rates:

  • Hire Charge – charged at a quarterly rate with 1st quarter payable on pickup
  • Deposit – paid on collection of standpipe, to be refunded on return
  • Usage Charge – as per current water usage charge per kilolitre

(Current fees and charges can be found in the Standpipe Hire Agreement – Schedule 1)

Hired Standpipes must only be used within the Shoalhaven area of operation. It is illegal to use standpipes other than those hired by Shoalhaven Water in the Shoalhaven area of operations.

Customers are advised that hire and use arrangements for standpipes will change over the next 12 months. The changes will enable reading to be undertaken by GPS streamline billing arrangements. 

Three easy steps to hiring a standpipe

Step One
Read Shoalhaven Water’s Metered Standpipe Hire Agreement.

Step Two
Download and print Schedule 2Metered Standpipe Hire Agreement.

Step Three
Present the filled in application to Shoalhaven Water and pay the upfront fees mentioned in Schedule 1 – Fees. You will be provided your standpipe upon receipt of payment.

Shoalhaven Water hire standpipes on a quarterly basis. Upon return of the standpipe the meter will be read and water usage charges will be invoiced to you.

For further information regarding Standpipe Hire contact Shoalhaven Water on 02 4429 3214.

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