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Liquid Trade Waste

Pre-treatment explained

Pre-treatment is achieved by the use of a device or piece of equipment to treat the liquid trade waste prior to discharging into the sewerage system.

The type of pre-treatment device required is dependent on the nature of the activity and the volume and strength of the liquid trade waste it discharges.

Typical pre-treatment devices used for the treatment of liquid trade waste include, but are not necessarily limited to the following.

  • Grease arrestor (grease trap),
  • Basket arrestor with fixed screens,
  • Fixed or removable screens,
  • Coalescing plate interceptor (CPI oil separator),
  • Vertical gravity separator (VGS separator),
  • Hydrocyclone separation system (HSS separator),
  • Cooling pit,
  • Balancing, averaging, neutralising pit/tank,
  • Solids settlement pit / silt arrestor, and
  • Plaster arrestor.

Shoalhaven Water’s pre-treatment requirements are in accordance with the Liquid Trade Waste Regulation Guidelines, 2009 and Liquid Trade Waste Policy.

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