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Liquid Trade Waste

Discharger Categories

Activities that generate and discharge liquid trade waste will fall into one of the following discharger categories.

Category 1A & 1B Dischargers (Low Risk)

  • Category 1A: Nil or minimal liquid trade waste pre-treatment equipment required (eg hairdresser, florist, beautician)
  • Category 1B: Still low risk but require more sophisticated prescribed liquid trade waste pre-treatment equipment (eg vehicle wash, laundry activities)

Category 2A, 2B & 2S (Medium Risk)

Require prescribed liquid trade waste pre-treatment equipment (eg. Grease arrestor for restaurant or cafe, oily water separator for a mechanical workshop).

Category 2A
The prescribed pre-treatment equipment is installed and maintained to Council’s requirements (eg correct type and size grease arrestor pumped out to Council’s set frequency)

Category 2B
The prescribed pre-treatment equipment:

  • Is not installed or is not appropriate
  • Is installed but not maintained to Council’s requirements.

Category 2S
Dischargers of pan contents, septic tank pump-outs, septage, chemical toilet waste and ship-to-shore pump-outs into the sewerage system.

Category 3A & 3B (High Risk)

Assessment as 3A or 3B depends on the complexity of the pre-treatment system and includes:

  • Industrial dischargers
  • large volume (greater than 20kL/day) dischargers
  • dischargers that do not fall into Category 1 or 2 above
  • contaminated groundwater or stormwater
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