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Liquid Trade Waste

Application Fees & Charges

Liquid trade waste charges are applied to non-residential properties according to the category into which the liquid trade waste discharger is classified.

Liquid Trade Waste Fees & Charges

Application process

To gain an approval to discharge liquid trade waste customers must;

  • Complete the correct Liquid Trade Waste application form based on the business activity being undertaken,
  • Lodge the application form with Shoalhaven Water, including any extra information required (eg site plan, drainage diagram),
  • Pay relevant application fee as contained in the Council’s Fees & Charges - Liquid Trade Waste,
  • In most cases an inspection is required prior to issuing an approval to ensure pre-treatment equipment has been installed as required,
  • Shoalhaven Water will assess the application and determine the Liquid Trade Waste Discharger Category.  Category 3 applications must be forwarded to the NSW Government for their concurrence, and
  • The approval is determined and the outcome and approval conditions will be advised in writing to the applicant and property owner.

Liquid trade waste discharged from businesses and other non-domestic sources, such as restaurants, cafes, mechanical workshops etc, generate a higher load to the sewerage system than normal households. In order to prevent a significant cross-subsidy from the general public to commerce and industry, appropriate fees and charges need to be levied for liquid trade waste discharges. It should be noted that liquid trade waste fees and charges are in addition to non-residential sewer usage charges.

Fees and charges include:

  • Initial Application Fee – generally includes an initial inspection,
  • Annual Fee – generally covers administration and monitoring of the discharger,  
  • Re-Inspection Fee - applies to follow up inspections due to non-compliances, and
  • Usage Charges - Does not apply to all categories.  Dependant on category and significantly increases for non-compliance.

Liquid trade waste discharge volumes are usually determined by applying a liquid trade waste discharge factor (ratio of volume of liquid trade waste discharges to total metered water consumption). Shoalhaven Water may also recover the cost of any monitoring and/or testing undertaken as part of an inspection or re-inspection.

The Local Government Act, 1993 specifies that the land owner is responsible for the payment of liquid trade waste fees and charges associated with their property. Any re-imbursement of the land owner, by a person/company (occupier) conducting the activity at the premises, for liquid trade waste fees and charges is a matter between these two parties.

For further information regarding Liquid Trade Waste contact Shoalhaven Water’s Regulatory Unit on 02 4429 3125 or visit us at Shoalhaven City Councils Administration Building, Bridge Road Nowra. To ensure one of our staff is available for consultation, appointments are preferred.