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Backflow Prevention

Installation & Maintenance

Testable backflow prevention devices must be inspected and tested immediately after installation. Shoalhaven Water requires a backflow certified plumber to test backflow prevention devices.

Initial Registration of Device/s

The Initial Registration process involves these steps:

  • Submission to Shoalhaven Water of Initial Test and Maintenance Report/s provided by backflow certified plumber.
  • Shoalhaven Water’s Field Officer will inspect the device/s for correct installation.
  • Payment of initial registration fee
  • Completion of the “Backflow Prevention Device Agreement & Record of Installation” form. (This form is obtained from Council)

Property, site contact and backflow device details are entered into a database for administration of the annual testing and registration process.

Annual Testing of Device/s

To ensure the installed Backflow Prevention Device is maintained and continues to operate effectively the device must be tested on an annual basis. 

The Annual Registration process includes:

  • A reminder letter is sent to the property contact approximately four weeks prior to the annual test date.
  • Property contact engages a backflow certified plumber to test the device.
  • If device details or property ownership information changes, a new “Backflow Prevention Device Agreement & Record of Installation” form must be completed.  The Agreement form is valid for 5 years.
  • Payment of the annual registration fee, and
  • The test report supplied by the backflow certified plumber and the Agreement form (if required) are to be submitted to Shoalhaven Water.

Late submission of test reports will incur a penalty. This is done to encourage early action to complete the annual test to ensure protection of water supplies to the community. Should penalty fees not cause the testing of devices to be undertaken, Shoalhaven Water will arrange the required test and pass charges onto the owner. Legal action or disconnection of services may also occur noting the seriousness of water supply protection.

Installing and Testing Backflow Prevention Devices

Installation of a new testable Backflow Prevention device may be carried out by any licensed plumber.

Any commissioning and testing of backflow devices must however be carried out by a Backflow Certified Plumber. You can download Shoalhaven Water’s list of Backflow Certified Plumbers to find a plumber near you.