Tapstar Waterwise Education Program

Teacher Resources

As part of our commitment to providing new and innovative ways to get water conservation messages into the community, we have developed the Tapstar Waterwise Education Program.

teacher in a classroomExplore the world of water - visit our Water Education website.

Our goal is to promote wise water use, and provide the opportunity for schools to become more actively involved in water conservation. The program has been developed in conjunction with local Shoalhaven schools and provides structured lesson plans and support material which will help you teach important water conservation messages to your students.

The Tapstar Waterwise Education Program includes:

  • A travelling roadshow that is fun and interactive with a live stage performance that includes catchy songs for children to learn
  • A fun kids website which includes experiments - click on the image above
  • Teacher workbooks which have structured programs of water and wastewater related activities as well as lesson plans

The Program has been written to enable teachers and educators to achieve outcomes from the NSW Syllabus, and these outcomes have been highlighted on each of the lesson plans to allow for easy assimilation into the classroom.

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