Tapstar Waterwise Education Program

About the Program

The Tapstar Waterwise Education Program has been around since 2004 where the character Tapstar was first launched at a range of primary schools in the Shoalhaven.

boy holding certificate The program promotes water saving in schools.

With such a positive response to the program it was decided to further develop the show and the characters.

During the following year the Eaton Gorge Theatre Company developed a quality scripted performance to motivate the audience with fun sets and costumes, recorded music and sound effects and catchy songs that have proven to stick with the audience for years to come. To achieve this workshops were conducted at several local primary and secondary schools as well as a youth community group.

For many years now Shoalhaven Water has engaged the Tapstar Team to promote water conservation and water quality amongst the families and schools of the Shoalhaven. Along the way of Tapstar becoming a much loved superhero, a website was developed and support material was produced for Primary School teachers throughout the Shoalhaven and NSW to assist in teaching the important water conservation and water quality messages to their classes.

In developing the Tapstar Waterwise Education Program Shoalhaven Water hopes to not only promote the conservation of one of our most precious resources, but also to provide the opportunity for schools to become more actively involved in water conservation and engage with children and the community to help create a sustainable future.

Mission Statement

To educate primary school students in the importance of water conservation and water quality in a fun and interactive way to ensure the participation of the community in creating a sustainable future.


To be a leader in a quality water conservation program that educates the importance of our precious drinking water as well as the protection of our environment and to enhance the image of schools as they are seen to be environmentally conscious and aware of sound water conservation outcomes.