Danjera Dam

Danjera Dam is a very popular fishing and camping location and we understand that many users are awaiting advice about when access will be reinstated.

Please be advised that due to the risk posed by bushfire impacts in the adjoining National Park, the area has been deemed to be too great a risk to the safety of users and therefore the road into Danjera Dam will remain closed until further advised.

For more information on the closure, follow this link to our latest Media Release

Located west of Nowra, Danjera Dam is a place of historic and environmental significance and continues to play an important role in the Shoalhaven's water supply.

Whilst most visitors to the area follow the Danjera Dam Campsite Rules, there continues to be visitors who display anti-social and at times dangerous behaviour. Due to this the camping areas are patrolled by Shoalhaven City Council Rangers, NSW Police and South Coast Security.   

A full review on the recent community consultation regarding use of the area, including the proposed Alcohol Free Zones can be found in the Additional Information section below. Read on for information on the location, vehicle access and camping in the area.


Located around 30km west of Nowra, Danjera Dam is an isolated location surrounded by native bushland and access is via a single dirt road. The dam’s waters cover an old gold mining town called Yalwal. Visitors come to the area for activities such as bushwalking, kayaking, swimming and fishing. As the dam is a water supply to the Shoalhaven, motorboats are not permitted on the dam at any time.

During severe fire periods the area will be closed to visitors and anyone already onsite during a fire event will be instructed to leave. Before visiting the area, it is advised to check the NSW Rural Fire Service website, monitor local signage, or keep an eye on this website for the latest updates. 

There is no electricity, drinking water, mobile phone or internet reception available in the area.

Vehicle Access

Driving in the Yalwal and Danjera Dam area is only permitted on designated tracks, roads and within the parking areas. 

There are areas in the surrounding bushland that are prohibited to vehicle access, including vehicles such as 4WD’s and motorbikes. Police and Rangers monitor the area regularly and all vehicles to the area must be registered, and all drivers must hold a valid driver’s licence.


There are no booking requirements when camping at Danjera Dam however we do ask that visitors only camp in the designated areas. Penalty notices will be issued to anyone found camping in restricted areas.

Firewood is not provided so come prepared. It is an offence to lop or cut down trees or surrounding vegetation and penalty notices will be issued. We ask you observe all onsite signage including fire ban notifications. Campsite fires must be contained and completely extinguished prior to sleeping or vacating the area.

Know the rules before you travel and save yourself time and any potential fines. Follow this link to find out Danjera Dam Campsite Rules.