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Pressure Sewer Unit Connections

A development that is identified as requiring the installation of a low pressure sewer unit (PSU) or any proposed work to an existing PSU must lodge an application with Shoalhaven Water prior to commencement of any works, this will include installation, modification or relocation works.

sewer diagram The pressure sewer unit and other components are maintained by Shoalhaven Water

The pressure sewer unit and other components are owned and maintained by Shoalhaven Water in their entirety. At no times are the pressure sewer units or other componentry to be adjusted, serviced or relocated by any persons other than Shoalhaven Water operations staff.

How do I proceed to have a PSU installed?

Step One – Submit the Pressure Sewer Pump Unit Application to Shoalhaven Water by email or by visiting our office in Nowra or Ulladulla.

Step Two – Given approval, a payment advice will be issued (where required).

Step Three - Installation of the pressure sewer pump unit will proceed once full payment has been received. All work will be carried out by Shoalhaven Water within 8 weeks of payment.

A Pressure Sewer Unit Systems Owners Guide is available as a link below.

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