Building & development
Water & Sewer Connections

Water & Sewer Inspection Requirements

Shoalhaven Water undertakes audit inspections during the construction of infrastructure where it is intended to be transferred to Council’s ownership.

Water and Sewer Inspections can include any of the following:

  • Pre-commencement of works to inspect pipes and fittings prior to installation and peg out of alignment
  • Before and after laying of pipes
  • After backfill of pipes
  • Sewer junction cut in
  • Sewer junction relocation
  • Sewer junction cap off
  • Water disconnection
  • Concrete encasement of assets
  • Before and during construction of assets (eg. manholes, lampholes)
  • Testing of assets
  • Any other work relevant to the project

Water and Sewer inspections must be booked through Shoalhaven Water in accordance with the approval for the prospective works. Failure to arrange the required inspections will result in work not being approved and delays to the project which may involve excavation work to uncover the assets at the expense of the applicant/developer.

There is a minimum 2 working days’ notice (prior to any works being carried out) for any inspection to occur, contact Shoalhaven Water’s Development Unit on 02 4429 3547 for more details. Fees and charges apply to all inspections.