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Fire Services

For information on Annual Fire Safety Statements, contact Shoalhaven City Council's Fire Safety Assistance on (02) 4429 3111.

Shoalhaven Water provides the following fire service information:

  • Water pressure certificates for the developer’s hydraulics designer to prepare appropriate fire support system/s for their development.
  • Advice to the developer as to whether the development can connect to the water main they are seeking to connect to. Shoalhaven Water have “standard sizes” 25Ø, 32Ø, 40Ø and 50Ø. Sizes above 50Ø are considered non-standard.
  • The applicant may request a copy of a general site plan of the water service supplied to the property.

To obtain further information for this service please contact Shoalhaven Water Customer Services section on 02 4429 3214  or complete the relevant service request located in Related Links to the right.