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Water Service Connections & Disconnections

Shoalhaven Water provide and maintain the water service connection to your property and this includes any repairs to the water meter. Should the meter be damaged or interfered with, charges may be issued to the property owner.

Shoalhaven Water provide and maintains your water meter.

Once a meter is installed at a property all pipes, taps and drains on your property become your responsibility. The property owner will also receive water usage charges on their Water Account. 

Single Dwelling/Dual Occupancy Meter Installations

Within the Shoalhaven, single dwellings are entitled to a 20mm metered service. For standard 20mm connections Shoalhaven Water will also install a garden tap adjacent to the meter, this will not apply if the meter is located in a pit.

Please see the application form for sizing recommendations and guidelines or contact us for further assistance prior to applying for a larger size. 

Applying for a Connection 

Step One - Submit Application
Download the 20-25mm Water Meter Services Application and return the application with your Site Plan (to be filled in on page 2 of the application) and preferred payment method to Shoalhaven Water by email, post or in person.

In some instances where the main is on the opposite side of the road, a conduit may already be in place which means the service will be installed in that position. If you wish to place the service in a new location, you will incur the full cost of an additional service. Council reserves the right to alter the position of the water service if necessary

Step Two Review of Application
Installation will not proceed until full payment and all the relevant items are received. Missed or incorrect items will result in delayed installation or rejection of application. Payment of any associated fee does not signify that the application has been approved.

Step Three - Confirmation
You will receive a confirmation email that the request has been processed and is awaiting installation. 

Step Four - Installation
Shoalhaven Water will attend the property to install the water meter in the requested location. Please allow 20 working days for installation of standard residential connections. Services greater than 20mm or that require an underbore, may take additional time. Please ensure the requested location is easily accessible for our team, should any obstructions be present when attending the property, the request will be suspended until the area is cleared and the timeframe for installation will then restart. Once the service has been installed Shoalhaven Water will notify you by email. Once a meter has been installed at your property you will also receive usage charges on your Water Account. 

Non-Residential Meters or Fire Services

Non-residential developments such as Industrial, Commercial or medium density commonly require a larger metered connection or fire service.

If not otherwise advised by Shoalhaven Water it is the developer’s responsibility to have the water service line and meter sized by a qualified consultant such as a plumber or hydraulics consultant in accordance with AS3500. If this is required, the developer is to submitplans and water sizing calculations to Shoalhaven Water for assessment and determination.  Such matters to be included in the assessment and calculation stage include:

  • Available water pressure (a water pressure certificate can be applied for from Shoalhaven Water – refer to Fees and Charges)
  • Existing size of water mains serving the development
  • Size of metered and unmetered services required
  • Development complexity
  • Use of water and demand allocation in calculation stage
  • Location of proposed metered and unmetered services
  • Number of meter services
  • Access to metered services
  • Maintenance and/or replacement of metered services

It is also noted that additional devices (such as backflow devices) can impact on the water pressure to the proposed development and this needs to be taken into consideration during the design stage.

With large developments there may be a need for the developer to examine the water supply system as the impact by the proposal may be such that augmentation works to the reticulation system is necessary and/or that changes to the operation of the system may be required for security of supply purposes to the system and/or the proposal.

Applying for a Non-Residential Water Meter Connection

Step One - Submit Application
Download the Above 25mm Water Services Application and submit along with the relevant minimum A3 sized Hydraulic Plans (as PDF) and water sizing calculations to Shoalhaven Water by email, post or in person.

Step Two Review of Application
Please allow 15 working days for the application to be reviewed. Assessment of the application will not proceed until all the relevant items are received. You may receive correspondence from Shoalhaven Water if further information is required to support your application. Missed or incorrect items will result in delayed processing or rejection of the application. Pre-payment of any associated fee does not signify that the application has been approved. 

Step Three - Confirmation
Upon completion of the application assessment, the applicant will be advised of the applicable charges for the works. Some services will be charged as per our standard fees and charges whereas other services will need to be priced according to the works carried out. A Payment Advice will be issued to the applicant by email and upon receipt of payment the works will commence. 

Step Four - Installation
Installation will be undertaken in accordance with the hydraulic plans. Once the service has been installed Shoalhaven Water will notify you by email. Once a meter has been installed at your property you will also be charged applicable availability and usage charges on your Water Account. 

Disconnecting your Water Meter Service

If you are wishing to disconnect your internal water lines from your water service (meter) for your property as part of a property demolition you must engage a licensed plumber to do the works and then apply to have Shoalhaven Water inspect the disconnection works. Fees are charged to the developer/applicant in accordance with Councils fees and charges. Please visit our Demolition Information page for more information.

Properties with multiple service connections may wish to reduce the number of connections to reduce the number of availability charges which apply to your property. Disconnection of multiple water services must only be undertaken by Shoalhaven Water at no charge to the applicant. Re-plumbing of internal lines will become the responsibility and expense of the property owner. 

Please note unless approved in writing by Shoalhaven Water it is an offence under the Local Government Act to tamper with any metered service or fittings owned and operated by Shoalhaven Water. The Local Government Act (LGA) 1993 (as amended) stipulates that penalties apply in cases where an offence has taken place in relation to Council’s property and assets (refer to Part 3 of Chapter 16 – Offences, of the LGA).

Downsize or Nominal Sizing of Water Meter Services

There are many reasons why you may like to downsize or have your meter nominally sized, but before you make application to Shoalhaven Water it is recommended you visit our Water Meter Services page or read the information sheet titled Downsize, Disconnect or Nominal Sizing of Water Meter Services.

Information Request

Shoalhaven Water also provides a range of other services that apply to your water meter service including:

  • Sewer Main Diagrams – for Solicitors & Conveyancers
  • Final Water Meter Reads – pertaining to sale of property
  • Water Pressure Certificates – testing for pressure in the mains
  • Water Meter Testing – to test your water meter for accuracy

To apply for any of these fill in the Information Request application form below. For any other information relating to water service installations please phone 02 4429 3214.