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Buying land in the Shoalhaven

There are a range of things to consider if you are thinking of purchasing land in the Shoalhaven.

The following information is a basic guide and further investigation through the various departments of Council is recommended before you make your final decision.

Water and Sewer Charges – if water and/or sewer is available to your property you will be charged quarterly availability charges. Water usage charges will also be charged to your account if water is being used on the property.

Check the title of the land – by looking at the title, you can find out if there are any restrictions, easements or covenants over the land and what effect they have.

Access other information on the land including whether you can build a house – find out about planning controls, hazards, restrictions, outstanding notices or orders that may affect the land.

Check the Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan (SLEP) and zoning maps – what activities are permissible or prohibited within that zone.

Subdividing Land - Not all land can be subdivided, speak to Council’s Subdivisions Unit on 02 4429 3230 for further information before applying for a subdivision.

Multiple Dwellings - there may be provisions regarding medium density developments (eg granny flats) including payment of Section 64 Contributions for water and/or sewer.

Clearing land - Trees are vital for scenic amenity and to reduce the impact of urban features. Trees assist to minimise soil erosion, maintain slope stability, reduce air pollution and provide shade and shelter for humans and wildlife. Approval is required and clearing may result in fines.

Threatened species – there are over 140 threatened species of plants and animals in the area, it may be worthwhile checking your area before you buy land or move to the area. 

Future plans for the area – contact Council’s Strategic Planning Group on 02 4429 3426.

How do I find out more information?

More information to consider when buying land in Shoalhaven can be accessed via Council’s website, by visiting one of Council’s offices or contacting Shoalhaven City Council directly on 02 4429 3111.