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Water Treatment Plants

Throughout the Shoalhaven residents and visitors enjoy a clean and dependable water supply managed by Shoalhaven Water.

water treatment plant Shoalhaven Water owns and operates 4 water treatment plants.

The water drawn from the region’s rivers and dams is treated to the quality set by the Australian Health and Medical Research Council to ensure that health standards are met.

Regular monitoring of the water is conducted with analysis undertaken at independent certified laboratories to ensure our water is at the current Australian Drinking Water Standards. For the full test results visit our Monthly Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Results sections by clicking on the link to the right.

During the treatment process our water quality is enhanced by:

  • The removal of sediments, colour and iron oxides,
  • Improvement of water hardness to protect the pipelines, and
  • The addition of fluoride and chlorine for the protection of public health.

Shoalhaven Water owns and operates 4 water treatment plants:

  • Bamarang Water Treatment Plant
  • Flatrock Water Treatment Plant
  • Milton Water Treatment Plant
  • Kangaroo Valley Treatment Plant

Bamarang Water Treatment Plant

Water for the northern Shoalhaven is pumped from the Shoalhaven River at Burrier (approximately 47km upstream of Shoalhaven Heads) to a 3,800 megalitre off-river storage dam at Bamarang west of Nowra.

The water is then pumped to the Bamarang Water Treatment Plant which supplies treated water to Berry, Shoalhaven Heads, North Nowra, Bomaderry and Cambewarra via the Pitt Street Reservoir. The residents of Greenwell Point, Culburra, Callala, Currarong and Huskisson/Vincentia also receive water from Bamarang via a pumping station at Brundee.

Further south, the residents of St Georges Basin, Sussex Inlet, Berrara, Manyana and Bendalong receive supply from Bamarang via Bewong or Vincentia, Sussex Inlet and Berringer reservoirs.

A pipeline beneath Lake Conjola supplies water to Fishermans Paradise and Lake Conjola residents from reservoirs in this area.

Flatrock Water Treatment Plant

The urban areas of Nowra, Bomaderry and Terara are supplied with water from the Flatrock and Bamarang Water Treatment Plants, which also supply water to the Manildra factory.

Milton Water Treatment Plant

The southern Shoalhaven water supply scheme supplies filtered water to the residents of Milton, Ulladulla, Narrawallee, Kings Point, Burrill Lake and Tabourie Lake.

Water gravitates from Porters Creek Dam through a dual pipeline system to the Pointer Mountain balance tank and then passes to the Milton Water Treatment Plant where it undergoes filtration and treatment. Water from the treatment plant passes into Milton reservoir and then gravitates to Narrawallee, North Ulladulla, West Ulladulla and Burrill Lake reservoirs on demand.

The distribution system extends south from Burrill Lake reservoir with a pipeline to Tabourie Lake.

Kangaroo Valley Water Treatment Plant

The “Memtec” microfiltration system employed at Kangaroo Valley Water Treatment Plant uses membrane technology to improve water quality, eliminating the need to add some chemicals used in traditional treatment processes.

The membrane technology utilises bundles of hollow polypropylene membrane fibres with millions of microscopic pores (0.2 microns diameter). Water is pumped through cylinders containing bundles of the fibres and particles are trapped on the outside surface. Powdered activated carbon may be added to the water prior to it entering the microfiltration process to remove algal toxins when this is detected. Clear water is drawn from the centre of the hollow fibres and a patented air backwashing system is used to clean the fibres.

Following the filtration process which removes sediment and other impurities, pH is corrected by the addition of sodium hydroxide, chlorine and fluoride is added to protect public health.

Water Quality Monitoring

Shoalhaven Water’s aim is to provide you with high quality, safe drinking water. Drinking water is treated to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The Shoalhaven’s drinking water supply is managed from the catchments to customers’ taps. This includes identifying and managing risks in the catchment, creating multiple physical barriers to stop contamination, and monitoring water quality in near to real time.
Shoalhaven Water’s water filtration plants operate under stringent filtration targets and the pipes that transport treated water to customers’ taps are fully enclosed.

Water quality testing and monitoring takes place at every stage of the supply system. Samples are taken in the catchments, after water is treated, in distribution pipes and at customers' taps.

Shoalhaven Water works in close consultation with NSW Health to protect public health.

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