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Woollamia Sewerage Scheme

Properties in the Woollamia area are soon to be connected to the Huskisson/Vincentia town sewerage scheme by way of a pressure sewerage system.

What is a pressure sewerage system?

Pressure sewerage systems comprise a small on-property pumping station that pumps the household sewage into a pressurised reticulation system in the street which thereafter conveys your household sewage to a nearby existing pumping station, then to the Huskisson/Vincentia Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).  

To give you more detail on what a pressure sewer system comprises, please follow this link to our information sheet on Pressure Sewer System Advice. This information sheet has been provided to each property owner involved in the scheme.

A standard installation will be similar to the below illustration.

Pressure sewer unit diagram

Further information can be found in Council’s Pressure Sewer System Policy for Backlog Schemes. This document details Council’s adopted approach to delivering a pressure sewer scheme and outlines the process and the potential charges that could apply to individual property owners.

Project information

Public Works Advisory (PWA) have been engaged by Council to assist with the management of the project and consulting firm, Pressure System Solutions PL have been engaged to undertake the design of the Scheme.

The design process is now well underway and has thus far comprised desktop activities.  The next stages of design include survey work for the street mains and on-property designs which include locating the pressure sewer unit and small pressure sewer rising main to the street.

The below indicates the properties that will be included in the scheme.

Woollamia Sewerage Scheme

As the Scheme proceeds to detailed design it is important that we establish your preferred contact details, so we can discuss preferred location of infrastructure on individual properties. If you haven’t already provided your contact details, please email brooke.aldous@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au as soon as possible or call us on 4429 3277. You will need to provide your name, postal and email addresses and preferred contact phone number.

Please be advised that your contact details will be forwarded to the Contractor installing the Pressure Sewer System and will be used only for the purposes of the installation.

This site will be updated regularly as a means to provide progressive information. We have also compiled a series of Frequently Asked Questions which may help with more information.