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Shoalhaven Water is responsible for the collection, treatment and distribution of potable water and wastewater in the Shoalhaven local government area.

North Nowra Surcharge Main

Nowra Surcharge

The Jamieson’s Road Surcharge Main and North Nowra Surcharge Main (NNSM), collectively referred to as the ‘Surcharge Main’, transfer sewage flows from several wastewater catchments within North Nowra, eventually discharging at Nowra Wastewater Treatment Plant.

In 2013 the Shoalhaven Water Wastewater Servicing Strategy identified a need to upgrade the hydraulic capacity of the North Nowra wastewater collection system.  Shoalhaven Water proposes to upgrade sections of the NNSM running from north Nowra to the Nowra Wastewater Treatment Plant located to the south of the Shoalhaven River.

The proposed upgrade will be undertaken in two sections:

  • The length of the existing NNSM to the immediate north of the Shoalhaven River Bridge and the existing length over the bridge.
  • The length of the existing NNSM extending from the Princes Highway / Pleasant Way Nowra intersection, to the Nowra Wastewater Treatment Plant.

In addition to the proposed NNSM upgrades, the existing twin redundant 250mm diameter asbestos pipelines adjoined to the underside of the southbound Shoalhaven River Bridge will also be removed.

St Anns Rising Main

St Anns rising main

As part of Council’s capital infrastructure renewal works, Shoalhaven Water propose to upgrade the existing St Anns Street Sewage Pumping Station (referred as SPS 3) and associated rising main located within Nowra.

SPS 3 is a major sewerage pumping station which serves a large catchment of approximately 1,650 residential dwellings, and is the main collector station for several pumping stations in the south and south-western areas of Nowra. 

Recent works at SPS 3 have included the construction of an emergency storage tank, associated infrastructure and an access road to the pumping station compound, off St Anns Street.

In addition to the SPS 3 upgrade, it was identified by the Shoalhaven Water that the current rising main extending from SPS 3 to the Nowra Wastewater Treatment Plant (WwTP) requires augmentation.  As a result a new rising main is proposed to be installed to replace the existing 300 millimetre diameter rising main.

To coordinate the planned upgrade works with that of the overall planned upgrade of the Nowra WwTP, it is anticipated that the construction of the rising main component of the works will commence in the first half of 2016, with the SPS 3 Upgrade works to following in 2017.

Milton to Ulladulla Sewer Trunk Main Project

Millards creek sewer pipe

Shoalhaven Water proposes to upgrade a section of the gravity sewerage system and construct a new rising main with associated pump station upgrades between Milton and Ulladulla.
The upgrade of the existing gravity sewer main will occur in the public reserve containing Millards Creek, adjacent to Geoffrey Street.

This project will:

  • ensure continuity of the Milton Ulladulla sewerage system.
  • maintain levels of service to customers.
  • ensure assets operate safely.
  • protect public health.