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Major Projects

Our Major Projects

We are working in conjunction with the New South Wales Government on many projects and utilising the consulting services of well-known companies such as GHD.

Building site Shoalhaven Water has an ongoing range of projects

Below is a list of our major projects with a short overview. If you would like to find out more, simply click the ‘read more’ link next to the relevant project.

Porters Creek Dam

Shoalhaven City Council has approved remedial work that will ensure the ongoing reliability of Porters Creek Dam. This approval includes sealing 3.6Km of unsealed road from Princes Highway to Graydons Pointer Road.

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Shoalhaven Water’s Reclaimed Water Management Scheme (REMS) has grown into one of the largest and most complex schemes of its kind in Australia.

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Other Sewer Upgrades

  • North Nowra Surcharge Main
  • St Anns Rising Main 
  • Milton to Ulladulla Sewer Trunk Main Project

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Water Minor Main Upgrades

Shoalhaven Water, through its Asset Management process, has identified a large number of undersized water mains (<100mm diameter) requiring replacement.

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Kangaroo Valley Sewerage Scheme

The Kangaroo Valley sewerage scheme was completed in 2013. The scheme provides a pressure sewer system that collects and treats wastewater from around 250 homes and businesses in the developed areas of Kangaroo Valley and part of Barrengarry.

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