Water Restrictions

Water Restrictions

Although there are currently no restrictions in place in the Shoalhaven, customers are still encouraged to use water wisely.

hosepipe watering a garden Water restrictions will sometimes be enforced.

The Shoalhaven water supply is designed to be secure but there will be times under prolonged drought conditions when Shoalhaven Water will be forced to restrict water usage in order to preserve the City’s supplies to meet essential needs.

When the Shoalhaven region experience an extended dry period and the long term outlook by the Bureau of Meteorology indicates a lower than normal prediction for good rainfall, Council has a duty to follow the Drought Management Plan which encompass these events.

Level One Water Restrictions

Level One water restrictions are brought into place when our main water supply at Bamarang reduces to 60% capacity resulting in water having to be pumped from Danjerra Dam to top up supplies. During these times it is important that the community look for ways to conserve water in and around their property.

Restrictions that will be in place include:

  • Garden and/or lawn watering
  • Use of sprinklers and unattended hoses
  • Use of water on paved areas or hard surfaces
  • Drip irrigation systems can only be used if on a timer
  • Washing of vehicles, boats and caravans
  • Topping up of swimming pools

During restriction periods non-residential and community properties that wish to use additional water must apply for a Special Variation to Water Restrictions by submitting an application to Shoalhaven Water.

Penalties apply for non-compliance of restrictions and may result in fines of up to $2,200.

What can I do if I see someone breaching the water restrictions?

Contact Shoalhaven Water on 1300 662246 and provide the following information:

  • Date and time of alleged breach
  • Property address
  • Details of the breach

You may remain anonymous if you do not wish to give your name.  

Water Restrictions are lifted when:

  • The long term forecast for rain is considered positive,
  • The three Council dams are full,
  • It is unlikely that water restrictions will be re-imposed within 3 months,
  • At least 3 weeks has elapsed following substantial rain to confirm the stable flow inflow into Tallowa Dam,
  • The stable flow in the river is predicted or confirmed being greater than 135 ML/day, and
  • If there is still some uncertainty after 3 weeks, move to ease until stable river flow can be confirmed.

For further information on water restrictions contact Shoalhaven Water directly on 02 4429 3214.

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