Our Recreation Areas

We manage some of the Shoalhaven’s most scenic areas of wilderness and we’re committed to opening it up to the public so that you can get out there and experience it first hand.

mountain biker The Shoalhaven has a diverse range of recreational areas.

We have provided information that will help you enjoy these areas as much as possible.

Yalwal visitor information

Found in the hinterland of the Shoalhaven, Yalwal is the site of a former gold mining town of the same name situated 30km west of Nowra at the confluence of the Danjera and Yarramunmun Creeks which then forms Yalwal Creek which flows into the Shoalhaven River.

During the December 2016 and January 2017 peak holiday period, Council’s Ranger Services will be active in the Shoalhaven Water Yalwal facility. Together with an increased NSW Police presence in the Shoalhaven, the agencies will be targeting anti-social behaviour and the use of unlicensed vehicles.

Arrangements have also been made to increase the level of waste removal during that time and it is hoped that visitors to Yalwal can enjoy the site and surrounding natural area.

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Tallowa Dam

Tallowa Dam catchment area is located in Kangaroo Valley; it is owned and operated by the Sydney Catchment Authority. Water is also released from Tallowa Dam into the Shoalhaven River to enable the Shoalhaven City Council to extract water from the river to supply Nowra.

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Caravans & motorhomes

A caravan or motorhome is a great way to see the Shoalhaven. All we ask is that you act responsiblity and dispose of your rubbish at a designated dump point.

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Permanent water filling stations

Shoalhaven Water is installing water filling stations throughout the region to promote our quality water supplies.

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