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Latest developments affecting the water industry as well as updates on our activities in the Shoalhaven

Tap Dog talks Poop

7 May 2018

Tap Dog recently attended a ‘Clean up after your dog’ day reminding the community on responsible pet ownership. Did you know there are on the spot penalties for not picking up after your dog?

Follow the link to Shoalhaven City Council’s website to find out all the rules.

Upgrade of customer billing systems

13th April 2018

For some time now Shoalhaven Water has been working to upgrade its customer service, billing and reporting systems to a single integrated platform. This development will enable further advancements to be made with our e-business service activities and which customers have given us feedback as wanting to see some improvements.  Customers are increasingly wanting to do more business with us online.  

As previously indicated Shoalhaven Water will be soon be implementing the first stage of this project and this might result in some delays to the normal billing cycles during September and October. Customers may receive accounts later than normally expected but the reading of water meters will not be affected.  

To reduce any impact with the implementation of systems, some water meters might also be read early during August.  In these low number of cases, accounts will also be issued earlier than normal.   Once the billing system is fully implemented, billing cycles will return to normal. 

Shoalhaven Water has taken the opportunity to review the effectiveness of the current arrangement for pensioner account holders to have a 365 grace period to pay water accounts.  Over 89% of customers receive no benefit from this facility.  In order to provide a direct benefit to all the pensioner account holders, changes have been made to increase the pension rebate by $10.00 annually for water and $10.00 for sewer availability charges.  

This increased rebate will be applied each quarter to the account and it will be shown as a separate item on the account.  This change will commence on 1 July 2018.  The increase has been calculated to fully offset the interest which would normally accrue over the removed grace period for unpaid water and sewer availability charges.   This is a direct benefit to all pensioner account holders but now interest charges will accrue on all unpaid accounts after the normal due date. 

The first stage will also see some changes to the look of water accounts.  This is yet to be finalised but visit this website for more information closer to September.

If customers have any questions about the changes please contact us direct by email or phone 44293214.

Shoalhaven City Council join the WaterAid, Walk for Water Campaign

29th February 2018

During the week of 19 March - 23 March, Shoalhaven City Council staff joined the WaterAid campaign, Walk for Water.

Their aim was to walk 10,000 steps a day for 5 days to raise money to help provide lifesavings safe water to some of the world’s poorest communities. They did exactly this and have raised an amazing $3,233.52 for Water Aid so far.

The WaterAid website states ‘1 in 9 people worldwide still don’t have access to clean water close to home. For hundreds of millions of people, especially women and girls, that means long, dangerous and physically painful walks to collect water from sources that could be filthy. WaterAid is committed to helping communities gain access to clean water sources close to home, enabling women and girls to spend more of their time going to school, seeking employment, looking after children, and engaging in leisure activities’.

Donations can still be made to WaterAid for this campaign up until 9 April 2018. We like to thank everyone for their donations and support.

Supporting local community

19th February 2018

Shoalhaven Water is supporting a range of activities across our community and in a variety of ways. This done to promote our industry and raise awareness of the services we provide to our customers and general community.

Some of the programs include the ongoing installation of water filling stations at public areas across the city. Since 2010 Shoalhaven Water has installed 20 units and we aim to install three stations each year. Water treatment plant tours are undertaken at various times throughout the year and this program is a very popular activity which educates customers on the filtration and processing of our water supplies.

Shoalhaven Water also support a range of sporting events including annual golf day fundraisers as well as several major local triathlons with the most recent being held in Huskisson. With an eye to the future and development of youth, Shoalhaven Water has supported a local robotics team who will be attending a World Festival event presenting their project which developed a fitting for water downpipes that generate electricity from the flow of water.

REMS Transfer Main REF Addendum

24 January 2018

Shoalhaven Water has developed a REMS Transfer Main REF Addendum to provide further information following consultation with nearby landowners. The transfer main will be built from the wastewater treatment plant at Bomaderry, under Shoalhaven River, to the Nowra treatment plant, subject to Council approval. The REF addendum has been developed due to the alignment that was outlined in the original REF which has changed because of consultation with nearby land owners. In addition, the proposed hours of operation have also changed to minimise the project risks.

Shoalhaven Water will provide a display for public comment which will be located in the Nowra and Ulladulla Council Offices during 9-23 February 2018.

Click here to view the REF Addendum

Submissions can be made on the REF by emailing:

For more information, contact 1800 457 443 or email

2018 Australian Stockholm Junior Water Prize

9th February 2018

Applications for the Australian Stockholm Junior Water Prize is now open. For more information on how to get involved follow this link to the Australia Water Association website.

The winner of the competition is invited to participate in the international competition in Stockholm, Sweden, competing with over 30 countries. Applications close 11 March 2018.

Tapstar at Kids Day Out

15 January 2018

Tapstar & Dripette recently attended a fun filled day at the Annual Kids Day Out at Nowra City Turf Club where they felt right at home amongst the other superheros.

Keep an eye out for the mighty water saving duo at the upcoming Country Shows!

If you have a photo you would like to share please email it in to us today.

Water Restrictions Update

11 January 2018

The rainfall prior to Christmas and recent intermittent storm events have allowed the Shoalhaven water supply system to meet the demand over the peak period.

The combined storages of water for the city are currently at 92% of capacity. The Director Shoalhaven Water has said that “Although the Shoalhaven River flows have dropped over recent weeks the weather outlook and system storages together with operating conditions mean that water restrictions will not need to be imposed over the summer period”.

Customers are encouraged to monitor their water use always and visit our website for regular updates on water supply or sewerage services.

Shoalhaven Water Christmas Break

12 December 2017

Shoalhaven Water’s office will be closed from 4pm 22 December until 8.30am Tuesday 2 January. For any essential services, effluent pumpout and emergencies please contact our After Hours Call Centre on 4421 3100.

We wish everybody a safe and Merry Christmas.


Enjoying a Refill

29 November 2017

Culburra Beach water filling station has been a hit with one of our younger community members. Thanks for the thumbs up little guy!

If you have a photo you would like to share please email it in to us today.

Water Restrictions Delayed

9 November 2017

With over 50mm of rainfall in the Shoalhaven catchment the river flows have increased to enable water to be pumped from the river and replenish water storages. The Director Shoalhaven Water, Carmel Krogh said that the welcome rainfall and cooler conditions together with a more positive weather outlook for further rains has resulted in water restrictions being delayed for the immediate future.

Customers are still encouraged to be mindful of water use and monitor our water snapshot pages for up to date information about our water supply.

Shoalhaven River Festival

28 October 2017

Shoalhaven Water went above and beyond at this year’s River Festival with a stall that was alive with community activity. The weather turned on a fantastic day drawing thousands of people out and about and many stopping to grab a free drink bottle and refill. Tapstar & Dripette were also a fun attraction with their crazy antics and fun water references.

See you all again next year Nowra!

National Water Week Treatment Plant Tour

18 October 2017

Shoalhaven Water recently conducted a water and wastewater treatment plant tour of two of the region’s largest facilities. The feedback from the group was appreciation and surprise to see and learn the detailed efforts that go into processing water for drinking and of treating the wastewater to a standard that is then re-used back on the land at our local dairy farms. It was a thumbs up for Shoalhaven Water.

National Water Week Photographic Competition

19th October 2017

Thank you to all the people who entered Shoalhaven Water’s 7th Annual Amateur Photographic Competition, we are happy to announce this year we had 50 amazing entries. An exhibition of the photos is currently on display in Shoalhaven City Council’s Nowra Administration Building, so if you are in the area drop in and have a look.

With so many talented photographers submitting images supporting the theme ‘Water – the heart of our Culture’ it was very difficult to select a winner but together with a representative from Holiday Haven we are pleased to announce that the winner of the competition is Sky Martin with her photograph titled ‘Healing’ taken at Upper Kangaroo Valley River.

Impending Water Restrictions

26 September 2017

Shoalhaven Water’s Director Carmel Krogh has confirmed that with no rain on the horizon the Shoalhaven is quickly heading towards its first restriction on water since February 2010. Level one water restrictions are just weeks away with Shoalhaven Water preparing to turn off pumps in the next 48 hours.

The continued dry spell is having an impact on the Shoalhaven River flows which is the trigger to implementing water restrictions. The Shoalhaven’s main storage supply at Bamarang is an off-creek storage dam and is reliant on water being pumped from Burrier to maintain its capacity and when the pumps are turned off at Burrier the Shoalhaven is reliant on the current dam capacity. When the level of water in Bamarang Dam starts to decline, the next level of water restrictions is implemented.

We have been lucky over the last seven years with only the threat of restrictions occurring, but with dry predictions forecast for Spring and Summer we must encourage the community to be conscious of water usage so that we can conserve our supply. For an overview on our water supply visit our Water Snapshot page.

Further updates
Click here for Water Restrictions updates
Click here for the latest Water Snapshot

The Truth about Bottled Water

19th Sept 2017

In a recent article in the Daily Telegraph, advocacy group Choice have questioned whether bottled water is healthier and safer to drink than tap water. The truth of the matter is that there is no real difference except when it comes to price.

The article explains that a comparison of Sydney Water who charge $2.00 for 1000 litres, is quite the bargain when compared to that of about $3.50 for just 600ml of bottled water. Even more the bargain, Shoalhaven Water only charge $1.70 for 1000 litres.

Read the full article here

Fatberg found in London Sewer

14th Sept 2017

It seems that Australia is not the only country at war with clogged sewers. A recent story on the ABC explained how difficult it was to remove a 250 meter long fatberg of congealed fat, wet wipes, nappies and condoms that was found in a London sewer. Water Authorities cannot stress enough how important it is to keep rubbish out of our sewers to avoid the costly removal of blockages.

Read the full article here

Water Station Springs to Life

13th Sept 2017

The last project of the Rotary Club of South Nowra before its merger with the Rotary Club of Nowra in July was a water project – fitting given that Rotary started with a water project in 1905 in Chicago.

After participating in the Huskisson Market Day for a number of years South Nowra Rotarians became aware that the only drinking water supplies for sports persons and others filling their water bottles at the Huskisson Sports Ground were located in the public toilets adjacent to the grounds.

They negotiated an arrangement with Shoalhaven Water whereby the Rotary Club would raise $5,500 dollars to purchase and sign write the water station and Shoalhaven Water committed to install and maintain it.

This partnership project was completed in June and at the recent market day Shoalhaven Water representative, Tony Holmes and Immediate past president of the former Rotary Club of South Nowra were joined by other Nowra Rotarians to officially commission the water station.

Article courtesy of South Coast Register

Shoalhaven Water Trainee Program – Award

11th Sept 2017

This prestigious award is in recognition of Shoalhaven Water’s long running traineeship program. At the awards ceremony conducted by the NSW Department of Industry on Friday evening, Shoalhaven Water was presented with the award in the category of Large Employer of the Year. The other finalists included the large national corporations Commonwealth Bank and KFC.

Shoalhaven Water has worked in partnership with Hunter Valley Training since 2009 and currently hosts 23 apprentices and trainee positions. The program ensures that young trainees are placed on a rotation schedule to gain all round operations exposure across the water utility. Vacant positions are seamlessly filled and young talent stays in the region.

Accepting the award the Director of Shoalhaven Water Mrs Carmel Krogh said “it was a great honour to acknowledge the work the organisation does in increasing job skills, job creation and trade knowledge in the Shoalhaven. This award recognises the dedication of the people who are working with and training our apprentices and trainees. They are the winners tonight and I’m extremely proud of the achievement and of all the staff involved. More than 70 per cent of our apprentices and trainee graduates end up with full time positions which is a fantastic result. To be up against large international companies and win this award, means so much to our organisation” she said.

Husky Half Running Festival

20th August 2017

Shoalhaven Water recently supported the Huskisson Half Marathon that took place along the scenic shores of beautiful Jervis Bay. The weather really turned it on and Jervis Bay shined brightly for the 850 competitors which was a real family event with lots of mums and dads running with their little ones in prams and strollers.

Huskisson is located on the shores of the spectacular Jervis Bay Marine Park within the Shoalhaven. If you are interested in participating in one of the upcoming triathlon events, check out our events page to see what’s coming up.

My Post Digital Mailbox – Discontinued Service

22nd August 2017

You would have recently been advised by Australia Post that they are discontinuing the delivery of documents through their My Post Digital Mailbox facility. This change takes effect from 4 September 2017.

Shoalhaven Water has other providers for the electronic delivery of water accounts and you might want to consider these as an alternative. Visit our Account Payment Options to find out more. After 4 September 2017, if you have not already registered with an alternative electronic delivery service, a paper copy of the water account will be sent to your nominated postal address.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us further by email or phone 02 4429 3214.

Plastic Free July

4th July 2017

Shoalhaven Water supports Plastic Free July with the aim to raise awareness on the problems plastic causes and of the problem associated with single-use disposable plastic. Australians are estimated to use four billion light-weight plastic bags a year many of which end up in our waterways.

By making small changes we can all make a difference. Visit to find out how you can help.

Investigation and Upgrade Notification

30th June 2017

Shoalhaven Water is commencing an investigation to upgrade the existing Sussex Inlet Effluent Exfiltration System located at Cudmirrah Beach. The exfiltration system discharges high quality, treated effluent from the Sussex Inlet Treatment Plant into the sand dunes. The exfiltration system was installed in 1990 and has recently experienced blockages preventing optimal discharge. 

In order to alleviate the problems associated with the current system, Shoalhaven Water intends to undertake an investigation of the existing pipework and the surrounding structures with a view to replacement if and where required.

The works will be undertaken in stages with approximately 2,500m3 of sand being excavated per pipework section. Stockpiled material will be placed outside the excavation area but within the extent of works and then replaced upon the completion of works. 

Access to the work site will require some localised track widening and this will include some vegetation clearing. In addition, some reshaping of sand at the base of the track may be required to allow vehicles access. Shoalhaven Water will be fencing the work area for public safety during this time. It is intended to commence the project in early July and works are expected to be completed within 3 months.

An investigation is also being conducted on a collapsed sewer reticulation main in Lyons Road Sussex Inlet. Shoalhaven Water is working with pipe relining contractors to amend the problem and while the system continues to function the damaged section of the pipe requires the area to be fenced off for the next few weeks or until the rehabilitation works are complete.

Further information about these projects can be obtained from Mr Ivan Wady on 4421 1721.

Shoalhaven Water partnering local events

28th June 2017

Shoalhaven Water through its Events Sponsorship Funding program has supported a range of local community activities including several triathlons in the Huskisson, Callala and Nowra areas. The partnership program is managed through Councils events team and in recent times the funding has been able to support over 9,000 participants in achieving their goals whilst raising awareness to water related initiatives.

Sussex Inlet Water Filling Station

14th June 2017

Shoalhaven Water is pleased to announce the installation of a water filling station at Sussex Inlet. The unit is located on the public walkway at the end of Jacobs Drive and has been installed for the enjoyment of the community and general users of the pathway.

Situated in a central location adjacent to the public picnic area and playground it is sure to be a huge benefit for public access to drinking water.

When it comes to water, we score well

17th May 2017

Shoalhaven Water has received excellent ratings within the NSW Department of Primary Industries Water, Triple Bottom Line Reporting.

What does that mean? Well, we pay less than the state median for water we all know tastes a lot better than it does in other regions. And we pay less for sewerage and wastewater services.

The TBL is a performance measure that allows councils and local water utilities to compare themselves with others and ensure they meet best practice guidelines.

The report showed a typical residential Shoalhaven bill for water supply services was $328, significantly less than the state wide median of $601 and national median of $623, with an average annual residential water consumption of 150 kilolitres which is less than the state wide median of 162 and national median of 181 kilolitres.

The operating cost per 100km of water main for Shoalhaven was $858 and this was significantly less than the state wide median of $1,120. The operating cost for water supply per property was $278 which is also significantly less than the state wide median of $440 and national median of $485.

Shoalhaven Water’s sewage treatment cost of $126 per property was less than the state wide median of $159, its number of main breaks and chokes at 13 per 100km of main was significantly less than the state wide median of 38 and national of 20.

Shoalhaven Mayor Amanda Findley congratulated the team at Shoalhaven Water. “We are so lucky to have such a talented and award winning crew at Shoalhaven Water. They work hard to maintain high standards and ensure constant water quality and consistency.”

Story by John Hanscombe

Removal of old Cambewarra Telecommunications Tower Notice of Commencement

8th May 2017

Shoalhaven Water advise that demolition of the old Cambewarra communications tower is scheduled to commence on 10 May 2017 and subject to weather conditions the work will continue throughout the month.

The demolition contractor Future Engineering and Communications will be bringing plant and equipment on site.The demolition will be in two stages; the demolition and removal of the buildings, followed by the removal of the lattice tower. Once the demolition and removal is complete ground rehabilitation works will be undertaken.

If you need further information about this matter, please contact Fiona Bowman, Shoalhaven Water Group on (02) 4429 3495.

NSW Police presence at Yalwal

26th March 2017

Shoalhaven City Council are partnering with the NSW Police to combat anti-social behaviour at the Shoalhaven Water Danjera Dam facility at Yalwal. Ranger services are normally active at Yalwal during holiday periods but this Easter and the other upcoming long weekends, they will be supported by the NSW Police. Yalwal is a very popular destination for campers and day trippers but to ensure that the facility can be enjoyed by everyone the NSW Police will be targeting unauthorised use of motorbikes and anti-social behaviour. The RBT initiative will be part of this campaign.

Meter Reading and Billing Delay

17th March 2017

The ongoing poor weather has caused delays in the normal cycle of meter reading and billing. For some customers in the northern part of the city that would normally receive their water accounts in March, there may be a delay of up to two weeks. The delay is regretted but unfortunately it has resulted from difficulties in reaching water meters in some of the rural areas. Shoalhaven Water apologises for any inconvenience.

Shoalhaven Environmental Expo

17th March 2017

Shoalhaven City Council have a crew of dedicated staff who are currently making preparations for an Environmental Expo which will be held at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre on 30 May. The expo is an event designed to showcase Council’s strengths in the areas of sustainability and community partnerships. 

You are invited to come along and see firsthand a range of showcased information which will include interactive workshops designed to encourage simple actions to protect our beautiful local environment. Various community groups will also be promoting their sustainable activities and educating residents on the opportunities to connect, be local and participate in activities that directly reduce our ecological footprint.

Shoalhaven Water will be taking this opportunity to promote the expansion of the Recycled Water Management Scheme (REMS) which is an award winning process that reuses treated effluent by providing local dairy farmers, playing fields, and parks with a reliable irrigation water supply. If recycled wastewater is not your thing why not come along and meet the ever popular Tapstar and his good friend Flush.

Mayors Pool Party

15th March 2017

Tapstar and Dripette recently attended the Mayor’s End of Summer Pool Party where the Mayor made a special announcement. Mayor Findley announced that the Queen’s Baton Relay for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games will be visiting the Shoalhaven next February 2018. Nowra will be one of 26 regional NSW towns who will have the honour of hosting the Baton Relay. For more information visit Shoalhaven Council

Australian Water - NSW Water Awards

15th March 2017

The Australian Water Association has recognised two Shoalhaven Water staff for their outstanding performances in the Water Industry. Carmel Krogh, Director Shoalhaven Water has received the prestigious “Water Professional of the Year” award with Kaitlyn Bell receiving the “Student Water Prize”. These awards are due recognition of their exceptional contribution.

Carmel Krogh was the first female engineer to graduate from the University of Technology Sydney and from that time she has been focused on improving water utility services in local communities’, nationally and internationally. Carmel is a leading figure in the Water Industry and through her Directorship of Shoalhaven Water and the Australian Water Association she has continued to drive for improvements in utility services. Carmel has been recognised for her effective people skills at all levels and significant contribution to the industry.

Kaitlyn Bell has also been recognised for her outstanding performance in the water industry. Kaitlyn produced a thesis for University which developed an accurate and reliable method to measure the operation performance of sewer pumps with her project delivering a new, revolutionary, mobile method which has significantly changed the accuracy of testing.

Kaitlyn Bell commenced a traineeship in Engineering with Shoalhaven Water in June 2015 whilst she was studying mechanical engineering at the University of Wollongong. Kaitlyn formed part of a team of 3 young undergraduate engineers whom were all studying different disciplines of engineering. 

The students worked together to develop ideas and solutions that were innovative and allowed for a collaborative approach to solving problems. As part of Kaitlyn’s development program she was encouraged to undertake her University Honours Thesis based on a project that would benefit Shoalhaven Water and the wider water industry. The criteria for the project was to be innovative and thus began the development of a mobile device for flow measurement at sewer pump stations. Kaitlyn embraced the “Internet of Things” and developed a mobile solution that significantly enhanced the accuracy of testing and provided real time data on operation. 

This device has revolutionised the way in which staff are able to measure the performance of a submersible pumps in the field. Kaitlyn received a High Distinction for her honours thesis and she received further recognition when she recently won the Australian Water Association, 2017 NSW Student Water Prize. Kaitlyn will now represent NSW at the OZ Water Conference in May 2017 which is held at the International Convention Centre Sydney. She will present her project work to the wider industry and be in the running for the National Student Water Prize. 

Whilst Kaitlyn has now commenced work with AECOM as a Graduate Mechanical Engineer, she is still very much a part of Shoalhaven Water and will showcase her project to the world as A Shoalhaven Water Young Engineer.

Shoalhaven City Council and Shoalhaven Water are proud and congratulate Carmel and Kaitlyn on the recognition for their contribution.

Porters Creek Dam Reopens

23rd February 2017

Shoalhaven Water has officially opened the upgraded Porters Creek Dam, half a century after the initial dam construction in 1967. The dam provides approximately 30% of Southern Shoalhaven’s drinking water supply and has a reservoir capacity of 1,900 mega litres.

Carmel Krogh, Director Shoalhaven Water is proud of the outcomes of the upgrade from a number of perspectives, saying “The dam upgrade is a major milestone for Shoalhaven Water. It will ensure we have adequate water supply for the southern Shoalhaven in the future. The dam was built on time and under budget and included 25,000 man hours to upgrade.”

She also emphasized the quality or personnel involved in the project and stated “Not only has this project brought together technical and complex inputs from great teams of people but has also been fascinating from an historical perspective. This dam project is as much about people as it is about engineering.”

Carmel was particularly pleased that the new project provided some fascinating linkages with the original dam. “The original dam was constructed in 1967 by Shoalhaven Shire Council and was designed and supervised by the engineering firm Gutteridge Haskins and Davy (GHD). A young 17 year old named Laurie Andrew started his working life at that time as a trainee surveyor on that dam project. Fifty years later GHD designed the upgrade and that same Laurie Andrew works for Shoalhaven City Council and acted as Council’s site supervisor for the upgrade”.

The original dam consisted of a 17 metre high by 139 metre long post-tensioned concrete gravity section with an overflow spillway integral with the crest. The upgrade commenced in March 2016 and eight months later, a new dam wall involved the construction of 4,500m3 of concrete gravity buttress and stilling basin has been constructed.

The upgrade of the dam was in response to meet safety requirements, to ensure longevity of the dam structure and consequently meet the future water supply demands of the Milton and Ulladulla communities. The upgrade also included the 3.6km of Porters Creed Rd sealed from the Princes Hwy to Graydon Pointer Rd.

REMS 1B – update

15th February 2017

Shoalhaven Water’s contractor has commenced work on the next stage of the Reclaimed Water Management Scheme (REMS) which includes the construction of the new treatment facilities at the Nowra and Bomaderry Sewerage Treatment Plants.

Potential Water Restrictions

30th January 2017

Shoalhaven Water would like to advise that although we are currently not in water restrictions we encourage the community to use water wisely.

Director of Shoalhaven Water Carmel Krogh says that the current dry conditions have caused flows in the Shoalhaven River to drop considerably.

Water Restrictions will come into play if our main supply at Bamarang Dam is drawn down to 60% and we are forced to pump from our emergency storage dam.

To keep an eye on our dam levels you can follow our Water Snapshot page

Tapstar & Dripette perform in Sydney

18th January 2017

Our very own Tapstar & Dripette have been on the move over summer this time performing their ‘Tapstar Saves the Waterways’ show at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. This was a ticketed event hosted by the Gardens.

Seniors Week Treatment Plant Tour

18th January 2017

Shoalhaven Water invite the community to book a place on our upcoming Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant tour which is being held on Wednesday 8 March.

You will see how water is collected and treated before being distributed to your home and how wastewater is treated before becoming a part of the highly acclaimed recycled effluent management scheme. There is no charge to attend and morning tea will be provided. To find out more or to book a place on this tour contact us today on 4429 3214.