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Meter installations, connections & disconnections

Shoalhaven Water undertakes the installation, modification and maintenance of all metered or unmetered services which are connected directly to the mains within the Shoalhaven Local Government area.

water meter We manage all metered or unmetered services .

Persons wishing to connect to council’s water supply systems are required to make application at Shoalhaven City Council’s offices in either Nowra or Ulladulla.

How do I apply to make a connection to a residential property?

If you are building a residential dwelling in the urban areas and need to connect to our water you will need to follow these easy steps:

Step One - Contact Shoalhaven Water to determine what services are available in your area.

Step Two - Download and fill in the 20-25mm Water Meter Services Application and submit to Shoalhaven Water along with the relevant fees.

Step Three - When it comes to selecting a location for your new water service, Shoalhaven Water provides several options:

  • You can authorise Shoalhaven Water to install the service in accordance with standard procedures by indicating on your form your preferred location. If you have selected this option your water service will be installed in accordance with Shoalhaven Water’s standard procedures within the appropriate timeframe after receipt of application. For this option boundary markers must be clearly defined otherwise a peg will be required and confirmation will be necessary.
  • You can place a blue marker peg in your preferred position and Shoalhaven water will endeavour to install the water service within the appropriate timeframe once confirmation of peg placement has been received and fees paid.
  • In some subdivisions where the  main is on the opposite side to the property a conduit may already be in place which means the service will be located in that position. If you wish to place the service in a new location you will incur the full cost of another underbore.

Council reserves the right to alter the position of the water service if necessary.

Procedure for non-residential or quoted works

Step One – Download and fill in the Application for Non-Residential Water Meter Services along with the relevant Hydraulic Plans as indicated on the form (minimum sized A3).

Step Two –  Upon completion of the application assessment, the applicant will be advised of the applicable charges for the works and upon payment of applicable charges works will be installed in accordance with the hydraulic plans. Fees and charges will be dependent on where Council mains are located from your property.

How to disconnect your water meter service

Shoalhaven Water will arrange for disconnection at no cost to the customer and subject to adequate access. Re-plumbing of internal lines will be the responsibility of the property owner.

Download and submit the Application Form – Downsize, Upsize, Disconnection or Nominal Sizing of Water Meter Services.

Unless approved in writing by Shoalhaven Water it is an offence under the Local Government Act to tamper with any metered service or fittings owned and operated by Shoalhaven Water. The Local Government Act (LGA) 1993 (as amended) stipulates that penalties apply in cases where an offence has taken place in relation to Council’s property and assets (refer to Part 3 of Chapter 16 – Offences, of the LGA).

For further information relating to water service installations please phone 02 4429 3214.