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Water & Sewer Connections

Water & sewer connections

Within the Shoalhaven new residential properties generally require a 20mm service connection when connecting to Shoalhaven Water’s water main.

pipes in muddy pool Connection requirements will vary depending on the type of development.

Non-residential developments commonly require a larger service connection to suit their individual business requirements. In this instance it is the developer’s responsibility to have the water service line and meter sized by an appropriate qualified consultant such as a plumber or hydraulics consultant in accordance with AS3500.

The developer is to submit plan/s and calculations to Shoalhaven Water for assessment and determination.  Such matters to be included in the assessment and calculation stage include:

  • Available water pressure (a water pressure certificate can be applied for from Shoalhaven Water – refer to Fees and Charges)
  • Existing size of water mains serving the development
  • Size of metered and unmetered services required
  • Development complexity
  • Use of water and demand allocation in calculation stage
  • Location of proposed metered and unmetered services
  • Number of meter services
  • Access to metered services
  • Maintenance and/or replacement of metered services

It is also noted that additional devices (such as backflow devices) can impact on the water pressure to the proposed development and this needs to be taken into consideration during the design stage.

With large developments there may be a need for the developer to examine the water supply system as the impact by the proposal may be such that augmentation works to the reticulation system is necessary and/or that changes to the operation of the system may be required for security of supply purposes to the system and/or the proposal (subject to approval by Shoalhaven Water management).

Further information on how to connect to Shoalhaven Water’s water supply can be found by clicking on the link Connections & Disconnections.

Sewer Connections

All new and existing lots within urban areas of the Shoalhaven is provided with a single sewer connection point. Shoalhaven Water (as Shoalhaven City Council’s utility provider) owns & maintains gravity sewer mains and property junctions up to the customer drain. Beyond this point any maintenance issues is the responsibility of the property owner and not Shoalhaven Water.

Connection to Shoalhaven Water (Council’s) sewer is to be made in accordance with Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993. Approvals and inspections are governed by Shoalhaven City Council Building & Compliances Services staff.

Further information regarding your water or sewerage services can be found in the links below or by contacting Shoalhaven City Council’s Building & Compliance staff on 02 4429 3122.